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  1. The MS Gurus were not thinking of the average user when they developed that OS. Thank you for the link. The owner of this laptop is an elderly lady and as the OP in the linked to topic, she does not like W8 and wanted me to install W7 for her. She's not totally inept with the computer so maybe if I can get her allow me to make the W8 work a bit more like Windows 7, she may be a bit more content, though I think at this time talking her into a subscription of MBAM Pro is a must!! Thank you gentlemen. I truly appreciate your help and suggestions. Have a nice day! Donna
  2. Oh wow! 2000! You win! Truly, I have never seen this many objects found with MBAM before now (shakering her head in amazement). It only took about 20 mins for them to be removed, though it takes forever for the laptop to shut down and reboot. Thank you gents. Very nice of you to offer. I think I should be ok. I am a recent grad of GeekU. My only problem is that this laptop is a W8. I'm a bit lost trying to find my way around this system, so this is going to be very educational for me. Donna
  3. OMGoodness! I had no idea you could do that!! Thank you guys so much! Yes. I've never seen so many objects found. I do believe she was hogging all the foistware, toolbar, adware, etc.... You name, MBAM found it!! Poor MBAM is struggling to remove all the items. Thank again guys, Donna
  4. Hi there, I just executed a quick scan on a computer and it found 1934 Objects Detected. Is there any option that I do not know about where I can place a check in one box that will auto-select all the 1934 items that were detected before I click on Remove Selected to save me some time having to check all 1934 Objects Detected? Thank you, Donna
  5. The Fox - Halloween Light Show 2013
  6. Hi again, Yes. It was my plan to uninstall the program since I'm quite sure it is very outdated, as everything else on the computer is. I also found this tool that I totally forgot about that I will use to ensure all residuals are removed so we can install on a clean slate. If the uninstall and the reinstall doesn't work, I'll know to have them check their Internet Settings, etc. Thank you very much for the info. I truly appreciate your help. Now I need to make a visit to my profile to see why I am not receiving email notifications from here! Glad I checked in. Donna
  7. Hi daledoc1, I didn't mean to mislead you in any way. I'm not having an issue with my MBAM at the moment. I just needed to make sure the Error Codes were one and the same. To be honest, I am in training for the removal of malware and the fella I am helping was presented with the Error Code 732 (0,0) when I asked him to update his program and run a scan. Knowing that Error Code 732 had been retired way back around 2009-10, I started researching the Error Code with the double (0,0)'s in my instructors absence thinking it might be a new Error Code that was assigned or was associated with the Pro version and not the free version. I hope that creating a thread here to ask my question wasn't out of context, but I had to know if there was a difference since I had researched the original Error Code back then. Donna
  8. Hi noknojon, Good to see you! Thank you for responding. I knew from personal experience that Error Code 732 was due to a connection issue. Is Error Code 732 (0,0) the same as Error Code 732? Back when I was afflicted with this error myself there were no (0,0)'s in parenthesis behind the error code. I thought maybe it had something to do with having the Pro version as opposed to the free version and thought I'd come to the source and ask. Are the Error Codes the same for the Pro version as they are for the free version? Will the same fix apply?
  9. Hi, Is there a difference between these two Error Codes? I thought the Error Code 732 was retired way back in 2009. Donna
  10. Also, I had never checked the speeds on the "collect 99" connection. Only for my dial-up, which was netzero...21kbps!!!! and they talk about snail mail
  11. Hi yardbird, clicked on link above just to see if my LAN settings were checked for "automatically detect settings". Which it was. To tell the truth. Not sure if they were prior to upgrading to my Satellite link. The installer for my new connection had typed in new URL for present connection. Wish I had known to check that prior to new connection. My former wireless connection was one that I picked up was called "collect 99". Never did find out where it originated from. But, it was labeled as a public access connection. My new connection is "wildblue."
  12. Hi yardbird, "Mr. DonnaB", who is somewhat experienced in spyware, and the person that had me download MBAM back in Apr. of '09, did go over a HjT log, and several times since then. I even took my issue to another computer help forum and the specialist there was 1 of 3 who suggested I post here. You will find the link in my first post. I think I wore out the spyware detective in that forum looking for answers. Only items I ever came up with using other spyware scans were " tracking cookies". I truly tried everything!!! The only thing that solved my issue with this ERROR was upgrading to a better connection. Why? I have no idea!!! Thanks for the guidance though. Now that the issue is solved for myself, my only need is to know why this happened!!! And why only with certain people. I had no problem downloading this program on my sisters computer at the end of Aug. of '09. It downloaded and updated just fine. She uses a DSL connection. DonnaB
  13. Hi Skyhawk, Please comment back when you do upgrade to a higher speed connection. I am curious!!!! I had tried to re-install MBAM on my dial-up connection while the installers were setting me up for my satellite connection, to no avail. Then today I tried the new connection!! WOW!! MBAM downloaded in seconds flat. This was all on the same computer. I had installed my first version back in April of '09 with no problems at all with updating. But, since, I have added a browser and changed AV programs along with other downloads,etc., and for educational purposes would like to know why and what made the difference. I should have kept a log for everything I did. But, I'm a true novice here. Now, I document everything that I change and when I changed it. I have been following other posts myself to search for similarities concerning others computers compared to mine and tried all the options to correct this ERROR before posting myself. "I love to research". Good luck with your endeavors!!! DonnaB
  14. I have conquered the MBAM ERROR 732. Program HAS downloaded and updated. Database successfully updated from version 2775 to version 2791 upon downloading. Differences prior to this accomplishment may have been due to upgrading to a better internet connection. Previous provider downloaded at a speed of 21kbps! Installed satelite provider on 9/12/09. Present download speed is 1118kbps. All comments on my findings are more than welcome! Thank you all for the time that you gave for helping me to solve this ERROR. Hopefully my accomplishments will help others as well who have encountered this error. Thanks again! DonnaB
  15. Thanks prairie for the help that you have provided. I will keep searching through threads to see if others get any results, as well! I just defragged my laptop and I have a few other things that were given at the other forum. If I do come across a solution, I'll be sure to post it here because I know that I'm not the only one in the world with this situation. Again, Thanks! Donna
  16. Hi YoKenny1, I have no other Firewall besides Windows Firewall. prairie dog, I have tried step #3 with no luck. Still get Error 732. I have tried turning off all security, Avast & Windows firewall. But, did not help. Thanks again for your help. Donna
  17. Hm...#1 concerns freezing while scan in progress. I don't have that issue. Should I still try it? #2 concerns McAfee---- I have Avast. Should I still try this? Hm.. maybe not. #3 I will have to get back to you on this later this evening. I AM A TRUE NOVICE WITH COMPUTERS, but a knowledgable friend has been guiding me through what I am uncomfortable with. He will call later, and I will continue then. Thank you for your patience, I truly appreciate your help. Back soon! Donna
  18. Hi folks! Thanks for the correction yardbird, I didn't refer back to check the version before posting. My fault! My AV was updated yesterday. And still same Error 732. prairie dog, I have tried #8 & #4 from your link prior to posting here. I was hoping that the manual option #4 would bypass the ERROR. I will see what #'1,2 & 3 can achieve. Thanks to you both, and I will post back with my findings. Donna
  19. Hi Prairie Dog! I followed your instructions in post #2. I did not receive request to administer the license key. I guided my cursor to the icon that was installed onto my desktop. BEFORE I could click on MBAM icon, I received the 732 ERROR that popped up in the MBAM error window. Clicked that window closed, and proceeded on to clicking the icon and the update tab. Same thing. ERROR 732 window from MBAM appeared. Database version #2551 is the version that installed from your link in post #2. That is a version that I had also downloaded prior to posting here. I tried to google database version #2687, which I was given as the latest version from the other forum, to no avail. So, tag.....It's your turn. What next??? Donna
  20. Hi Prairie Dog, Thanks for responding! Performed steps 1-4. But, The versions that I have been downloading are the free versions, no license. Need to duck out of here to go to work. I'll be back later today. Again, thanks! Donna
  21. Hi! I have been following threads hoping to find an answer to my issue with the ERROR 732 for about 2 months now. I have a Gateway ML 6714 Laptop with Windows Vista Home Premium, SP2, 32-Bit Operating System. I have Avast Anti-Virus, which I had replaced about 4 weeks ago to get rid of Panda. All Windows Security is enabled and I have 2 browsers, Firefox & IE8. I have tried several database versions of MBAM to no avail. I am including a link to one of two forums that I had posted this problem in so that I have less to explain, again. HELP2GO What else can I do to help find a solution? I did follow all the instructions to the links given to me at this forum. Thank you for your time. DonnaB
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