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  1. Thank you, celee, for looking into this. Donna
  2. I certainly don't need video documentation when I can experience the protection in real time. My son has trashed his computer with ZA, Cryptowall 3.0, rogue antiviruses, backdoors, etc. etc. and the list goes on. He was my lab rat when it came to the latest zero day exploits... till he purchased the premium version of MBAM. sigh... It's shame that it takes other software developers days to find and release a solution. Yours makes 490 and mine makes 491.
  3. (I'm afraid to say anything... looking good here so far)
  4. Could just be a coincidence since the both of them do have a high volume for posts per day.
  5. It just dawned on me... All the duplicate emails referred to in this topic were the result of posts by AdvancedSetup.
  6. For the record, I have not experienced any more duplicate email notifications. Then again, I am not subscribed to as many topics as the staff are and no one has posted to the topic I linked to above since the day I received the duplicates. Edit: Spoke too soon. After checking further down my list of emails, I see I received 2 emails Fri, Jan 19, 2018 01:02 AM for this post.
  7. Hi celee. Yes, for educational purposes I am following that thread. Though I have received notifications for topics I am following here, I have not received duplicate email notifications for either of the 2 posts since I started this topic. Hopefully it was a one time fluke. I started this topic because I thought there was a bug. This had happened to several of the members at BC, even resulting in not just 2 duplicate emails from a single response yet at times we were receiving 3, 4 or more for a single post. Not sure if they even found the cause for the duplicate notification sent. Thank you, Donna
  8. Well, this is a first from this forum... @4:31am today I received 2 email notifications for this post.
  9. Ugh! Really? .... Now how am I supposed to "swoop in" and steal, oops I mean, copy canned speeches to add to my collection? I tried to get a copy of yours, Firefox but was unable to grab it in code form and I just didn't have the time to sit and retype the code, links etc. Is there a canned speech database other than this one that I am overlooking?
  10. Hi Firefox, Thank you. I'll let you know how it goes. One more question if I may, please. How do I turn off this WYSIWYG editor? Donna
  11. Hi there, I am in the process of helping an OP recover from the Windows failed to load due to the MBAMSwissArmy.sys service. After removing the service successfully I noticed in her Additions.txt log that she has both MBAM versions 2 & 3 installed. I want to uninstall vs 2 and have her keep vs 3. My question: It would be best to have her uninstall both versions, run MBAM Clean then have her reinstall MBAM V3.0, won't it? Thank you, Donna
  12. Well, as we know. Thanksgiving is just around the corner. For those of you who prefer to hunt your turkey as opposed to buying a frozen turkey at your local grocer. I do believe these 2 guys might teach you a thing or two about how it is done...
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