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  1. LiquidTension, I added a new scheduled scan and deleted the old one. I don't remember exactly what I did but MBP is now working fine.
  2. After the scheduled scan ran today, the scheduled scan is all right.
  3. I don't know what the MB tray icon is. Here are some more screenshots.
  4. I was able to add a new schedule and now get the calendar popup. Unfortunately next scheduled scan says 'None'.
  5. Malwarebytes Premium won't allow me to set date and time.
  6. I purchased a 2-year license for 2 devices and I had to reformat 1 of my PCs. The reformatted PC is now running Malwarebytes Free Trial but won't accept my license. Here's a screenshot.
  7. If anyone wants version 7.2.2, you can find it on FileHippo. Hopefully AdwCleaner will release a fixed version soon. https://filehippo.com/download_adwcleaner/
  8. The latest version of AdwCleaner will not restart when running basic repair. Does anyone have any suggestions?
  9. I just downloaded and ran the new version of AdwCleaner. The program deleted Ask and also shows: Delete Tracing Keys and Reset Winsock. The new version is much different. Could anyone help me understand how to use it correctly?
  10. For some reason MB Premium blocked PayPal right in my inbox. I created an exclusion for: epl.paypal-communication.com. Does anyone know why this is happening?
  11. Just wondering if the latest version of MB Premium is 3.3.1?
  12. I just purchased a 2-year license for 2 devices.The first time I purchased a license was last year (2 1-year licenses) and dealt with Cleverbridge. Now I have to deal with Avangate. Here are 2 screenshots which apparently contradict each other. So my account on the software shows auto renewal as not turned off, and my.malwarebytes account shows auto renewal as turned off. Does anyone know which is correct or how I can resolve this?
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