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  1. I bought a new android smartphone and I have a license but I am unable to enter the license key. I downloaded MB free trial from the google play store. Could someone please help me with this problem?
  2. @Hardhead If they are chromium browsers go to this website and choose Malwarebytes Browser Guard for Chrome: https://www.malwarebytes.com/browserguard/ For Malwarebytes Premium click on Security and choose advanced settings. Check as many chromium options as possible.
  3. I leave my computer on 24/7. If not, MBP will scan when I boot up. @Porthos
  4. I am unable to schedule scans in Malwarebytes Premium. I generally schedule scans for 2:00 AM but no matter how many times I schedule the scan the schedule doesn't save properly.
  5. I already added MB Browser Guard to Edge Chromium by using the MB website. Good to know there's another way to add extensions though. Thanks.
  6. No. The Google Store link you provided redirects people to download Chrome. The Malwarebytes website works for Edge Chromium. Choose Free Download for Chrome: https://www.malwarebytes.com/browserguard/
  7. I recently bought a new computer and had trouble adding MB Browser Guard to Edge Chromium. Fortunately, I was able to chat with someone who provided the link to add Browser Guard to Edge Chromium. Edge Chromium uses the version for Google Chrome, but every time I tried to add, I got redirected to download Chrome. Could someone provide that link so I can email it to myself? It will help me to setup other people's computers with all the Malwarebytes tools I generally use: Malwarebytes Premium / Free Trial, Malwarebytes AdwCleaner, and Malwarebytes Browser Guard.
  8. @jboursier The latest version doesn't show the AdwCleaner interface after running Basic Repair and restarting. . But I tried a previous version and there was no improvement. Please consider the case closed. Software does change from time to time.
  9. @Porthos Here is the zip file. mbst-grab-results.zip
  10. Hello @1PW:. I downloaded the support tool but I require a ticket number to upload files into it. Anyway, I got the latest version of Malewarebytes Premium today (4.1.2) and both of my computers are running fine. It appears the latest version of Malwarebytes AdwCleaner just functions a little differently than previous version. Thanks for the info. AdwCleaner[C00].txt AdwCleaner[S00].txt
  11. I just downloaded and ran the latest version of Malwarebytes AdwCleaner 8.0.6, and I doesn't work like the previous version. I'm not sure if it's defective or just functions differently. I'm unable to take a screenshot because the Notepad file that shows up after running only stays open for a fraction of a second.; however, I have included a screenshot of the latest version. I use Malwarebytes Premium and Malwarebytes Browser Guard. In Firebox I also use Facebook Container. Older version are available at https://filehippo.com/download_adwcleaner/ Should I download the previous version 8.0.5? Suggestions?
  12. LiquidTension, I added a new scheduled scan and deleted the old one. I don't remember exactly what I did but MBP is now working fine.
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