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  1. Ok! Excellent! Well, Thank you very much for your help! I will install a fresh copy of MalwareBytes!
  2. A bit strange... Almost like someone has this machine as a Remote Desktop or have a remote display attached? Odd.. Here is a screenshot of the Services running also..
  3. Something Like PeerNet.. Firewal Sharing Etc.. Here are some screen shots of the Drivers and Network Adapters.. Is this normal for a home machine? Running Simple Windows 7?
  4. I'll do a reboot.. And check it out... seem to have a lot of Extended Services running.. is that Normal? Like Remote Registry etc?? I'm also finding Peer Networking stuff quite a bit which I would never want to be a part of
  5. Sorry, one more thing.. Everything is running under a shell? Remote shell? When I disabled the Disk Driver a file named Desktop.ini appears all over.. I've come across a Root File System as well... This is a Home computer and I do not want to be connected to a Network at all. Just the Wi-fi.. This has happened with 7 machines now and after a while rendered them useless
  6. To add just a bit.. The Machine States I'm running NT, IE5, With Windows 7 On Top??? I've noticed several USB devices that I do not have attached.. I've come across a Wireless Network Connection 2 here and there as well..
  7. Ok.. Nothing With MalwareBytes But See Attached Addition.txt FRST.txt Shortcut.txt
  8. Thank you for the reply! It appears that all of my Machines are turned into Servers no matter what I do.. I've managed to find several things like Remote Access being enabled, The Machine will not allow me to download the proper Adobe FlashPlayer, I've discovered hidden networks, and My SSL Certificates are changing consistantly.. Multiple SSL errors where even https://symantec.comgives a Not Trusted error.. I also noticed Every browser gets set to Developer Versions.. This Extension seems to be added after First Run? OpenH264 Video Codec provided by Cisco Systems, Inc. It appears the mac
  9. I have been having a nightmare with this! tried everything! Please assist.. Don't know if I have run the proper programs.. I've attached 2 below dds.txt attach.txt
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