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  1. @exile360 I did not upload logs, dumps, etc., nor did disabling the self-protection module helped. The files are huge and I am hesitant to upload all of that data about my system to "WeTransfer" without knowing what's in the files and where it'll end up. Yes, I could research where the files end up, privacy policies, etc., but I already spent too much time on this problem. The issue had been resolved anyway, Malwarebytes was uninstalled and system performance restored to where it should be. I'll be back again next year to test the future Malwarebytes version, will not drop the three device license. I do appreciate you trying to help me, it's not you, it's me...
  2. Thanks excile... Disabling modules didn't help, for that matter, just disabling MBAM service didn't help either. I did uninstall/reinstall MBAM, but it made it worse, if anything... Procmon shows a lot of "PATH NOT FOUND" for MBAM, when trying to replicate network connections with Word: I am not certain why these error messages from MBAM? My system has six internal drive, two of the SSD drives have Windows 10 installed, Disk 0 and Disk 1. The latter one has MBAM and Office '13, while on Disk 0 there's no MBAM and has Office '10 installed. Maybe MBAM is getting confused and looking for the path on Disk 0? It's unlikely, but possible.... Here is the Word start up time for MS Word, with the reinstalled MBAM: 1.9816 1.0359 1.0330 1.0156 The same for MS Excel: 1.1391 0.8267 0.7938 0.8176 Opening documents from network shares has also increased, now around 7 - 8 seconds...
  3. @exile360 Well, third-party A/V is no longer in the picture. It really makes me curious what could cause the network delay? I'll try disabling Ransomware protection and see what happens... Thanks...
  4. @LiquidTension So, the recommendation did change, thanks... Some details of the system in question... The OS is Windows 10 Pro 64-bits, version 1809 (OS bui;ld 17763.253), with Malwarebytes with the latest component package. MBAM and Vipre on the same system seemingly caused some conflict, based on the application startup time for both from a local drive and from networked resource. As suggested, Vipre had been uninstalled. After rebooting the system, Windows Defender A/V activated itself with MBAM active, the applications had been retested. Opening a word document improved and shown below: 2.4065 0.9997 0.9895 1.0071 That's pretty much on paar with Vipre, when it's been the only third-party A/V that was active prior to removing it. Unfortunately, it did not fix the issue of opening documents from a networked resource. While there are no issues with browsing the network, just as fast as it used to be prior to MBAM, opening Word documents take 6 - 8 seconds, measured by stopwatch. Excel on the other hand takes more than twice as long to startup, when the spreadsheet opened from the local drive, With Vipre only on the same system Excel started up in a third of a second: 0.3898 0.3653 0.3741 0.3586 Excel with MBAM and WD A/V: 1.2636 0.7804 0.7960 0.7867 Opening Excel spreadsheet from network share is marginally better than Word documents, 4 - 5 seconds passes by before the spreadsheet is opened. The LAN is fully switched, gigi network, that had no issues prior to MBAM and it still does not. Disabling Windows firewall did not seem to matter, opening the file from network share still took a long time. Exclusions for Windows Defender A/V didn't help either, from an older link below: https://forums.malwarebytes.com/topic/200162-exclusions-for-windows-defender-users/ Is there anything else that can be done for removing the delay for opening documents from the network shares? As a reminder... There had been no issues with application startup time, be that local or from network share, LAN, regardless if the firewall had been active or not. TIA...
  5. As a follow up to the year old posting below: I did remove Malwarebytes last February and left Vipre only for protection against malware. The yearly renewal for Malwarebytes license arrived and reminded me to test the performance again. Installed MBAM with the latest component package next to Vipre The test results for MS Word 2013 are even worse than they have been with the year old version of Malwarebytes: 6.6401 5.0041 4.9077 4.9388 Was there a change in supporting/recommending "traditional" A/V solutions with Malwarebytes? Do you recommend having Malwarebytes the only security protection for the system and remove Vipre? TIA...
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