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  1. Thanks Exile360. I've just checked and my system hibernate function had already been disabled via admin command line. However, I've re-enabled it and have unchecked fast startup as instructed in your post. I'll let you know how it goes.
  2. One bad-news update to this : During boot this morning, the system hung in the previously-described manner (the moment the desktop was revealed, all activity halted). I was forced to power-down and reboot. Upon rebooting, the problem didn't occur. Now that I'm running a more recent version of Windows 10 (1903), I presume the debugging process to look into the issue will need to begin again. I did try to run the Malwarebytes Support Tool, but it fails at the zip logs stage with the error message "We were unable to create mbst-grab-results.zip, please notify Malwarebytes Sup
  3. Further to the extensive thread on this issue, I wanted to provide additional information which may help. I can confirm that having upgraded my Windows o/s from Windows 10 v1803 to v1903 (May 2019), the issues with Malwarebytes 4 are no longer present. To install the upgrade, I uninstalled Malwarebytes from my system and then agreed to the feature update for 1903. This took about 3 hours to install. Once the installation had completed, I then reinstalled Malwarebytes 4 and found it to be far more responsive. If you are experiencing the same issue, then I hope this helps you. My
  4. Thanks Maurice - I confirm is in place, all protection layers are on, application updates are off, self protection is on and rootkit checking is on. Best regards, Marc
  5. Thanks Maurice - I have indeed taken everything you've said on board, and it's encouraging to know just how much more seriously Microsoft are soak-testing their products. I WILL be performing a feature update to 1903 in the very near future, and as soon as is prudent, will then follow on with 1909. Thanks so much for the link to the most recent version of MWB3 to suit me in the interim, and I will certainly be back in touch. For now, I'll ensure that the MWB support ticket I also opened on this topic is linked with this conversation for internal reference, and if there's anything further
  6. Thanks Maurice, At this moment, I am running Malwarebytes 3.3.1 and the system is stable with no lockups, and no interruptions (freezing) during use. All 4 security layers are activated and show as being "on", and the malware library has been updated to the latest available version. Just to explain my reticence, we suffered a period of unwanted, unexpected and significant downtime when Windows 10 was upgraded to a new release (1703, at that time). The upgrade caused a repartitioning of our hard drives, and this had a detrimental effect on a range of licensed software we were using wh
  7. OK, it's 0:47am here, so I'm calling it a night. Thank you for your patience and assistance in this. I'll leave a reminder for me to try Malwarebytes 4 once again when 1909 becomes a realistic feature update option for me. I'll look forward to receiving your link for the most recent MWB3 in the morning. Have a good evening yourself, Marc
  8. So sorry Maurice, but the risk is too great, given my system is mission critical and stable in all other respects on malwarebytes v3. As a work-pc, I can't afford to take the risk, I'm sure you understand. Would you be able to guide me to the most recent build of Malwarebytes 3, so that I can at least be as secure as possible until such time as Woody Leonard pronounces it safe (he's been a lifesaver during previous incarnations of windows 10 and I watch his MS Defcon tracking regularly at askwoody.com).
  9. Maurice, I have grave misgivings about a feature update to the latest version of Windows when it's so fresh in the marketplace and hasn't been doled out to my PC yet. Can we not do this with a version of windows which has been around for long enough to be pronounced stable?
  10. OK, this has installed. I haven't been prompted to reboot so am still in the same windows session.
  11. Hi Maurice, Sorry for shifting the goalposts on you. Should I remove Malwarebytes 4 first using the malwarebytes support tool, prior to installing the windows ssu? Best regards, Marc
  12. Thank you Maurice, I can also confirm that I re-ran your instructions from yesterday, and I used the support tool to clean malwarebytes from my system, and on reboot reinstalled version 4. I then rebooted and confirmed the same problem persisted of locking up on start. I also discovered that by forcing the next reboot, the system launched successfully. It's from this newly launched session with MWB4 installed that the ARN file has been generated. Secondly, I also observed a freeze in the windows taskbar of the same type when I first disabled, and then manually re-enabled the ransomware pr
  13. Maurice, good morning. But it's bad new I'm afraid. On first and second boot this morning, Windows locks up in exactly the way it did beforehand. I was forced to boot into safe mode, use the removal tool to remove Malwarebytes, and then instead of reinstalling 4, I've reinstalled my old version 3 (some protection being better than none). What's the next debugging step please? Thanks, Marc
  14. Thanks Maurice - really appreciate it and so far I'm very much enjoying the new experience of Malwarebytes 4. Best, Marc
  15. Sorry Maurice - one last thing : In the course of picking up the file you asked for, I saw that in my Windows\system32 folder, there's a set of files with chinese characters and no file extension. Are these malware traces? I've attached a zip of the files in question. I've never seen anything like them before. Best, Marc System32_chinesefiles.zip
  16. Hi - thanks for your advice, but it turns out the problem was much more fundamental. It was me. 🙂 I had been placing my email address into the "Display Name" field at login. It was only just now that I realised the display name was a different variable. I've corrected this and now all works correctly. Thanks very much for that. Best regards, Marc
  17. Hi Maurice, Please find the requested file attached to this message. Best regards, Marc status.txt
  18. Just tried this Nukecad but unfortunately I get the same behaviour. Also tried re-pasting the password rather than using the one my browser (chrome) stores. Same result. Very odd.
  19. I did truncate, but I didn't use one completely different. I'll give it a go and post the result here in a sec ... (thanks).
  20. I've also just realised I forgot to check the "notify me of replies" option so posting this comment to correct that 🙂
  21. Hi - I've encountered a problem with the Malwarebytes Forum recently during a Malware debugging session. Each time I attempt to log into the forum, my password is unrecognised. The only way I can get into it is to click the "forgot password" link, and then manually reset the password to the same one (copy/paste - I have it on a sticky on my desktop now). If I log out, and then log back in that same password no longer functions and I need to go through this process again. Is there a forum admin able to advise on this please? Best, Marc
  22. Hi Maurice - thank you for your help. I've following your instructions, and on this occasion can report that following reinstallation and reboot, Windows did enter the desktop successfully (yay!). I've checked the system settings and the only change I can see on this occasion is that Malwarebytes has automatically registered with the Windows Security Center, and therefore Windows Defender is disabled. In the previous installs, Windows Defender was still running and active. I'll keep a close eye on the system over the next 24 hours and will let you know how it goes, but for now I
  23. Ron, thanks so much for that. I appreciate the rundown about ransomware protection. To be honest, I use it as a last line of defence, as when I exclude locations I know to be non-critical I still ensure that ransomware protection is active on those locations (I don't like excluding them from everything, especially in the wake of wannacry). I'll run the test as soon as I can. Best regards, Marc
  24. Thanks for the heads up RonnHarr. I didn't try disabling ransomware protection, as it's a critical feature I need for this PC (it's a work system), but it's interesting you're seeing something similar. Since you're running Windows 10 1903 it also cements my thinking about holding off on a major Windows version update until resolved, as it'll just be complicating the situation at the moment, so thank you! I'm fortunate in having both Porthos and Maurice debugging the issue - maybe the resolution will also help your issue. Much appreciate your input! Many thanks, Marc
  25. Please see the attached 2 files for the logging information you requested. Fixlog.txt mb-cbs-log.zip
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