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  1. Hey THANKS My computer is running fine. What was it and how did i get it? You cab IM me or Email. I would really like to know. Enjoy the Super Bowl . ( hope you are a Pats Fan) Have a beer on me.
  2. Sorry it took so long to get back family emergency kept me buisy all day. Here are the logs you requested. Thanks Fixlog.txt AdwCleanerS1.txt
  3. OK Thanks for the quick response. Here are the files. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  4. Hi I am having a problem with a run dll box that keeps popping up specifically it says C:\user default ~1.Def\AppData\local\arcade~1\aghelp.dll I red a post in this forum: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/163922-geniusbox-removed-and-run-dll-keeps- popping-up-help-please/ but the solution sounds like it is system specific and the topic is closed. I tried to search the site to find more post but was unsuccessful. Can you point me in the right direction to get help. I have run mal ware bytes.I use Lavasoft Adware Anti virus I am running windows 7 service pack 1. If this is not the right way to go about getting help again please point me in the right direction. Thanks
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