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  1. I just got a report now too. From http://ipv4.login.msa.akadns6.net/ First I thought that svchost got replaced with malware. But this must be a FP.
  2. Looks like the logs was removed the time I got it. I just didn't know that the anti-ransomware were protecting other harddrives too. But now I know.
  3. I have used a tool I made which convert SVG into PNG. And latest time I used it was maybe 2 weeks ago. Anyway, I had some files already converted so this tool tried to replace the files and the Ransomware detection got it directly. This have never been like this before. So I guess ransomware detection is much better now, or more defensive?
  4. I used the Support Tool and did a re-install. Everything is fine now.
  5. Since the new update my computer have come slower than usual. Before update and restart. I programmed in Visual Studio Version 16.5.0 Preview 2.0. Now when I start the tool it take like 1 minute, then later when I code everything freeze and crash. This wasn't before this new update.
  6. Looks like the language issue in post #7 is fixed. Saw it in beta. I have not seen the issue at post #9 either. So I guess #9 is fixed in beta too?
  7. Windows 7 SP1 x64. Only Malwarebytes. But this is on a virtual machine. My Main use Beta atm.
  8. Since the update everything runs much smoother. Before did it take forever to open programs and it was freezing around. Now does it open programs instantly and no freezing. Thanks for this update.
  9. I wonder if there is coming more beta updates. As the latest seems to work good for me at least.
  10. Here comes another UI Issue. I think it's the news image or text that does this.
  11. I use the same topic. Here comes another one. Picture attached.
  12. I get that too. But I wonder what's fixed and such.
  13. Better would be "Uppdaterad paketversion" and not "Uppdatera paketversion".
  14. I just found another wrong spelling issue. Inside about. The screenshot uploaded inside the red rectangle it's spelling issue. What "Uppdatera paketversion" mean is: You should update the package version. A better choice would maybe be "Uppdatering av paketversion" which mean that its the update package version and not that you should update it.
  15. I mean if it was because of people that didn't understand that it was for 1 account. I know it have always been.
  16. I have 1.0.782. Was in an beta update today.
  17. I have never heard about this before. When did they kick out techies or consumers? Or are you talking about the so called lifetime license which made people rage?
  18. It kinda make me disappointed that so many people say that they don't trust MB because of this video. Even If I would make a post, people without knowledge which his user base is created by. It will be useless.
  19. When looking how he is testing. He just run a lot of binaries which should be using signature based detection in the AV. What I know does MB trying to move away from that. And try to use AI instead to detect malware and also Anti-Exploit to detect new threats. I would rather want to see him test exploits instead of binaries.
  20. Installed Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package. Still missing the dll file.
  21. It's not a huge issue about the singular/plural. Just reported it.
  22. I tried to start the program for testing if Anti-Expliot works, But it say that MSVCR100.dll is missing. OS: Windows 10 Pro x64 OS Version: 1909 ( 18363.535 ) No idea why this occur.
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