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  1. Hi @1PW The offer was pushed via my wife's free version of MBAM. I just couldn't find any reference to the offer or a reference to Mullvad's association with MBAM via the official mwb website/forums and was also confused by the store.malwarebytes and estore.malwarebyte websites both being in action and both using different payment systems. I have premium already, it just seemed weird and a bit "wishy washy" to have an anti-virus software randomly say "hey, you wanna buy this VPN we seemingly have no association with?"
  2. hXXps://estore.malwarebytes.com/order/checkout.php?PRODS=13395654,26326475 Sorry, accidentally left out the ?PRODS part
  3. hXXps://estore.malwarebytes.com/order/checkout.php? Why can't I find anything about this via the MBAM website?
  4. 👍 Real time protection is no longer deleting the file, TY!
  5. Hi, I made a 3rd party launcher for a small game I play, the game is a jar file and is a resource in my exe and the exe just basically drops the jar file if it's not already there and then runs it with some command line arguments for the java vm. It's compiled with Visual Studio, written in C#, not compressed at all and assuming I did it right...it should be signed (also using visual studio). Just wondering why it's being detected as "Machine Learning/Anomolous 95%" and if I can do anything to avoid it that I haven't already done, or if it can be excluded (despite not actually having control of the jar file which auto updates when the game developer pushes an update) I've included a sample of the exe and can include the source if needed (it's only a few lines) Cheers, Thorpy Runique.exe.sample.txt
  6. Poperblocker is a popup and popunder blocker extension for chrome and firefox, and it does a great job of it.....but apparently it and other extensions have been spying on us so mbam now blocks them. I was toying between just adding it to ignore and getting rid but I figured there's probably something similar out there that has the benefit of not secretly collecting my personal and private data. It's not a huge problem, just remove it and find another (adblock plus for ads and popups, but not popunders ) or add it to the list of "stop annoying me about it" things in the malwarebytes settings
  7. My computer went slow for 40 minutes! Burn them to the ground!...some people take these things wayyyy too much to heart. Malwarebytes are awesome, they made a mistake and fixed it pretty quickly.
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