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  1. i was careful! ;-) beside of the way which you have explained, isn't there any other (tricky?) way malware can influence/use the clsids?
  2. great again.. this actually helps me a lot to understand how this works. very illustrative too. i will make some tests with this
  3. thanks for the answer! i appreciate it! ok i get your point with this nice example. which ways does malware have to use an existing CLSID for itself?
  4. or in better words: in which possible ways malware can influence/use the clsids of the registry?
  5. hello there, I recently looked deeper into the matter of malware and since I know a little bit about how windows works, this topic is certainly of big interest for me. Does someone here has a clue of how exactly malware can influence existing CLSIDs?? I mean, as far as i know, malware can "use" or infect existing CLSIDs, right? but by which ways is it doing that? I'm thankful for any answer on that! Jenn
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