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  1. I just started getting detections from MBAM that bzmd.exe was flagged as 'Backdoor.Bot' malware. I think this is a false positive; bzmd.exe is a part of RocketSoftware's BlueZone line of software. MBAM-log-2015-04-09 (12-06-16).txt bzmd.zip
  2. MBAM flagged the file CMFG.dll as malware but it is a false positive. This file is actually a part of our Oracle EnterpriseOne software. Let me know if I need to provide any additional data. Thanks! -Quinn CMFG.zip MBAM-log-2015-03-31 (09-49-04).txt
  3. We are testing the MalwareBytes Enterprise edition/Management console and ran into an issue with one of our clients. After installing one of the clients, I receive email alerts every few minutes saying it blocked a web site: Type: outgiong, Port: 49828, Process: notepad.exe Type: outgoing, Port: 49563, Process: conhost.exe etc., etc... It's always a different process and a different host. When I log in and run a full scan with MBAM, it comes back and says it found nothing...what gives?
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