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  1. hello, I have am having a problem with my network card. It keeps saying that I am missing one or more network proticols. So far I have tried : - reinstalling -updating -rolling back (used an old version) -used the same settings as my wifi (that does work) -bridged the connection (it works but when I dont have wifi it stops working) -preformed a clean install (removed all the ethernet crap and reinstalled) It still keeps saying that 1 or more network proticols are missing. The network card I use is the killer e2200.
  2. I just fixed my lan connection by installing an older driver but the connection is still limited (you can ignore the picture above.
  3. So its now an unknow device and If I run the update or the BIOS (or whatever you want to call it) it says it can't find the device.
  4. So my LAN was death so I just asked what I should do ( it came by windows update, I had that before but this time I couldn't reinstall it myself so I asked on the forum) Then I got a reply that the errors I got where most of the time caused by infection and that I should ask here for help. I myself havn't noticed anything of an possible infection (accept for bad internet but thats normal in the Netherlands). I just want to already thank my helper Addition.txt FRST.txt CheckResults.txt
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