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  1. I was able to create a new profile for firefox browser. but I was looking to do it is for icedragon. What i did was log out of the computer, then log back in with the old profile. take an image of list of tabs i had open, and another image of the extensions i had. Then I logged back in with the new profile. I know I will have to enter passwords again. But I have passwords saved. For me, the problem has been resolved. I've been at it too long today, and am happy enough with the solution you provided. Thank you again.
  2. Brilliant. that worked. Thank you very much. Now of course I've lost the tabs and the extensions from the other profille. Is There any way for me to import browser extensions and tabs i had open using my last profile into this one?
  3. Sorry, no I can't remember what I did. I did run that program. It made no difference. You asked about firefox addons. I have quite a few. But I have even trying running the browser in safe mode. It made no difference. To me it's like the personalize options I use in contol panel, overrides everything else, even when i go to my browser/options/content/fonts and colours/colours, and take the tick out of "use system colours", then press f5, it makes no difference. I;
  4. Hi aologies for not getting back to you sooner. today I saw this answer. I'm not sure why I didn't see this answer before But somehow I got everything right. But now since I updated the browser, things look the same as above. I have tried changing the desktop background to high contast or whatever. But it makes no difference. In my browser
  5. Hello. I use the icedragon browser. i have just updated it. But all the tabs I had open are gone, and my extensions, and history. I have tried to register with the icedragon community. But I can't read the registration code. I have tried new codes. But I get them all wrong. ie. i can't make out, what the hell the code is. I have tried listening to the code, but I hear nothing. My speakers are working fine. So basically I can't register. I'd be grateful if anyone can give me advise how to get my tabs, history and extension back
  6. Thank you. Let's leave it there, Dave. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to my thread. But
  7. Dave. I'm going to forget about this. I can't see what advantage having virtual desktops has for me.
  8. Sorry again. If that picture is of 4 virtual machines, then the picture should not have come when i googled "virtual desktop" and chose images Dave, I downloaded a virtual desktop program. from http://dexpot.de/?lang=en here is an image from googling dexpot, and using the images option in google
  9. Sorry, Dave, That's not what I'm talking about. I use the term "virtual desktop" because I know, that is what i mean. There is only one moniter being used. For instance here here is an example of what I'm talking about. This is 4 different desktops, but on the one moniter. quote from a website that has a free virtual desktop program. " Virtual desktop is a separate desktop (not monitor but separate area inside Windows) on same computer with ability to open and run applications. They look same as the normal desktop but you can open different applicatio
  10. Yes, The first picture is how I want it to look, and the second one is how it looks. For some reason, malware bytes wouldn't save editing I did.
  11. Sorry, This is the best topic title I can come up. I guess at some stage I had a crash or something, and whatever display I had, disaappeared. I have tried various things such as changing to high contrast. But there is one thing I cannot see. That is when I go to gmail, and I tick the boxes beside emails. The colour of the boxes and the colour of the ticks are the same. When i say "tick" I mean the little correction mark. The best way to explain what I mean is to add two images (the first shows how my email page looks now, and the second one is how i want it to look. Unfortunat
  12. Hi Dave. I'm trying to find out if there is any to advantage to having a virtual desktops. I;m going to try and answer my own question, at least partly. So at the moment. I have one desktop display. I guess if you have 2, and assuming the second one is a blank desktop, if the first desktop is full of program links. you could move some of the shortcuts to a second (virtual) desktop. but as I was writing this, I decided to delete a lot of those shortcuts. I never use shortcuts from the desktop to open a program. I guess what happens is, I install some program. and I never notice that it has
  13. "I probably didn't tick something here to ensure I got those notifications" I guess that would be "notify me of reply"
  14. Sorry folks for not replying sooner. I was checking my email for notifications of replies, but nothing came up. I probably didn't tick something here to ensure I got those notifications. I think firefox may have it right. But doing some more googling myself, It looks like what I'm talking about is virtual desktops. Assuming that is what I was asking about, I guess I can do some more googling, or even try it out. But still answers from here would be welcome too.
  15. Hi. I have a stand alone computer. Is there any advantage to having a second desktop. God I'm not even if I'm asking this question right. I don't mean a second desktop computer. Hopefuly, folks here will understand what I mean.
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