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  1. does "Enhanced Safe Browsing Protection in Chrome" interfere with malwarebytes 4.1 running in Windows 10?
  2. I have windows 10. Also android cell phones and tablets. Do you know how it works when you are travelling and you want to connect to online banking that needs your location?
  3. do you know if the VPN works with a Roku tv? is there an app for android?
  4. I have never used a virtual network and I was wondering how it would affect signing into internet banking and apps like zoom. Also does it protect your email?
  5. I am concerned about my intel chipset which has a possible flaw. So far I have had no issues with my computer running Windows 10. I have disabled all sharing and remote access. How do I know which ports to close?
  6. thank you for answering. If I accidentally click on some email will the malwarebytes black list block the site? I am asking since I was recently spam bombed and I am sending everything i do not recognize to spam. I have been considering a more secure email. Is there a best email which works well with malwarebytes?
  7. Do I need an encryption firewall to protect my messages in email? I have recently read that the standard encryption TLS in not as safe as we may think. Will premium 4.0.4 block sites in email which are not legitimate?
  8. I am having this same issue on my Windows 10 computer. running premium 4.0.4
  9. I am running windows 10 and Malwarebytes premium 4.0.4 and I am having the same problem with the guard crashing in chrome
  10. I am running Malwarebytes 4.0.4 premium and browser guard in chrome. I noticed in windows update I have an optional upgrade which includes windows defender credential guard. It is a good idea to install and run this. I am having no issues and everything is running fine
  11. the custom scan ran about 10 hours before it was done...I will run a different scheduled task next time thanks
  12. I am running Malwarebytes Premium 3.8.3. I noticed that the daily scan does not scan for rootkits so I am running a custom scan just for rootkits on my c drive. It has been running for almost 7 hours. Is this an unusual amount of time? It has found no threats and I wondered if I could cancel it without a consequence?
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