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  1. Yes, like that. and when this wasn't working I opened the bookmarks folder from firefox folder and selected from there. The problem is (that's what I think) that there are 14000 bookmarks. A LOT. And this might be a problem. Size of the bookmarks file is about 3MB. Maybe firefox cannot handle this. I don't kniow if I am suppose to leave it overnight and it will finally restore them. Because when I get script erros it stops and I have to chose to continue, abort or debug. even if I click abort +"do not show this message again" it still shows other errors. and I have to be there and just click
  2. Is it possible to open .jsonlz4 file and copy bookmarks?
  3. Google translation warning script is not responding script on this page may be busy, or stopped responding. You can abort the script now, open it, or let it continue I thought that chrome://browser/content/places/editBookmarkOverlay.js:1034 means sth important
  4. yes i have that folder C:\Users\user\AppData\Roaming\Mozilla\Firefox\Profiles\9xflo70z.default\bookmarkbackups and tried to restore bookmarks from that location and it froze and this error came up
  5. <a href='http://wstaw.org/w/3bTt/'><imgsrc='http://wstaw.org/m/2015/02/06/skrypt_b%C5%82%C4%85d_png_300x300_q85.jpg'></a>
  6. No, I'm saying it happened after jrt and before microsoft tool. In between those two actions. I just wonder what's the cause. Maybe it was system's "reaction" to removing malware or some error after these operations. There must be something that caused it.
  7. The bookmarks were gone between JRT and microsof'ts cleaning tool. So it leads me to thinking that it was jrt that changed sth. This link doesn't help. I am doing exactly as it says there. i'll try to make a screenshot of the errors, maybe that will give more information.
  8. In the middle of restoring bookmarks I get script errors. It asks if i want to continue, debug or abort. I chose abort each time. But it still freezes.
  9. One more issue. Remember when I said that my bookmarks were gone after running Junkware Removal Tool. Now I cannot restore them. There's lot of them (14000) I think that's why it keeps on freezing. What can I do? I'm helpless.
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