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  1. I fixed it by reverting the registry to the last backup and now my computer works fine. It booted up like normal and I'm am going to uninstall everything except malwarebytes.
  2. I can't boot into safe mode because startup repair launches every time and won't let me boot into Windows.
  3. Everytime I start windows, it launches start up repair and I cannot boot into Windows. I have tried many different things including safe mode and disabling early launch anti-malware. I am getting the error code 0x0000225. The file that is causing this is mbamswissarmy.sys and I have already ran the farbar recovery tool. The log is attached. FRST.txt
  4. Here you go. Last time only checked FRST and CheckResults. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  5. Here you go. Just so you know, I set swagbucks as my search engine . Thanks you for your help. Addition.txt CheckResults.txt FRST.txt
  6. My disk usages is almost always 100%. Some times it is malwarebytes combined with some other programs. Can someone help me so it does not use 100% all the time. It gets annoying when I try to game(game is LoL) and the computer always freezes occasionally.
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