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  1. This one really had me tearing my hair out..... Subsequent to an MB automatic update, two older PC's in the same office, both running Windows 10 32-bit with latest MS patches, began to experience issues with loading the latest versions of Chrome and Firefox. In the case of Chrome, it would display boxes for a few different extensions saying they had "crashed." These extensions included Adobe Acrobat and Google Hangouts. I searched the Google forums, and nothing they suggested worked. Then someone suggested Norton AV could be causing the problem. But that wasn't it. It was Malwarebytes. With it completely turned off, the browsers would load with no problems. The fix I finally came up isn't at all optimal, but I had no choice. Went to Settings:Protection:Manage Protected Applications. From there I turned off protection for Chrome and Firefox. It solved the problem on both machines. Both machines had startup pages that pointed to Google. But the site didn't matter. I couldn't access ANY site at all until I made these changes. I haven't seen this issue arise on 64-bit Windows 10 machines and no problems on any of the Macs. I sure don't like the idea of folks surfing the web with no malware protection, but they have to be able to do their work. If anyone knows of a better fix, I would be grateful if you would share it. Thanks!
  2. MalwareBytes v2016.03.25.03
  3. I'm telling you, LethalBacon, that it just flat out stopped. It stopped before I updated to v2016.03.25.03.
  4. Well, it is nice to know that Google is CONSTANTLY pinging my machine.
  5. I'm logged into Gmail and Google and YouTube now. It's just gone.
  6. And now it has stopped. Really F'ing-A weird.
  7. I've tried numerous things, but the damned pop-ups won't go away. Wake up, MalwareBytes!
  8. So.... Add to exclusions then?
  9. I'm having the same problem this morning. Pop-up occurs every five seconds. I ran a scan with MalwareBytes, but it didn't detect it. Please help.
  10. Now I have knowledge. Thank you all for your help. My issue is resolved.
  11. Thanks for posting the opt-out link. But I have to say, Adchoices should at least be considered a PUP by Malwarebytes. Again, if I didn't ask for it, I won't want it.
  12. You know what? If I didn't install it or opt in in the first place, it's malware to me. I don't want to be tracked.
  13. Norton deletes it immediately after I download it. It says frst64.exe is a threat under the category of WS.Reputation.1. So I turned off Norton. I tried downloading it again, and this time Windows 7 Pro immediately deletes it. Still stuck.
  14. I previously posted a topic about my premium (paid-for) version of Malwarebytes being unable to remove Adchoices. A link was posted to download some program from bleepingcomputer dot com. Though I was flummoxed that a paid version of Malwarebytes couldn't combat Adchoices, I took the bait and downloaded the other program. Norton AV immediately flagged it as malicious and deleted it immediately. It didn't even give me a chance to say it was okay. Adchoices still thrives on all PC's in my house. Why, oh why doesn't Malwarebytes consider this UNWANTED program malware? Could someone at least answer that? I'm really stuck here. Thank you....
  15. Hello, I run Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Premium. I've had a devil of a time dealing with AdChoices in nearly every browser, including Chrome and Firefox. Malwarebytes doesn't even detect it. So I downloaded and installed a program called SpyHunter 4. It found a TON of stuff that concerned me, all of which had been missed by Malwarebytes scans. Problem is, SpyHunter wanted payment before it would expunge the malware, and I read up on them and discovered their tech support is virtually non-existent and they often don't give you validation codes in exchange for payment. So much for that option. I keep Malwarebytes up to date. Why wouldn't it detect something like AdChoices? Is it not considered malware? Thanks for any feedback....
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