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  1. I had twice already before running the support tool. I saw that too. Why is the MWB service not asking for a restart if that is still required? It actually asked for a restart at the SAME time as Windows did yesterday after installing Windows Version 2004... I wonder if the two conflicted and are locking each other?
  2. Thanks, I try to run with the Ransomware setting only off and see how it does. mbst-grab-results.zip
  3. Similar to the linked post, I bit the bullet to install Windows 2004 yesterday to a non-work computer for trial, and glad I did. It seems I'm another victim of the slowdown/hang with both Malwarebytes Premium and the new 2004 feature upgrade. My son was working on some projects yesterday and complained about it, but I didn't think anything of it till I saw an article this morning. I've not updated to MWB yet, offering a bit of a test bed if there is anything to be learned. I did notice that shutting off all real-time protection from MWB does seem to make it usable, but obviously not preferable.
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