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  1. SOLVED ... but through a very odd method ... nothing on these forums. Thanks Firefox ... but ... Tried all that stuff ... and much more. The core problem is some kind of "infection" that deactivates BFE (Basic Filtering Engine) at the kernel level, and doesn't let it reactivate. That service is necessary in order for Window Firewall, Malwarebytes, and any other IP-based website protection to work. Julie from Malwarebytes tech support was terrific, and was working through this with me for a couple of days. We tried a ton of stuff ... much of it deeper than anything on this forum, all wi
  2. I've read every single thread on this topic, and there are a ton of them so I'm confident it's a big problem. I've also tried every suggestion, including: Update database and restartUpdate database and rebootWipe the whole environment and reinstallManually delete and update the databaseSetting from "Fix Now"Setting from "Icon Tray"Setting from "Settings"... and several othersThese suggestions simply don't work. I have five family computers, all of them running MBAM-Premium ... and I just added one additional computer and get this error, and can't for the life of me figure out how to solv
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