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  1. So I un-installed my anti virus to install another and after doing so my computer just started getting alot of problems. I installed a bad program/programs thinking it was another program thankfully I canceled it before it got even 1/10th the way threw so I didn't think anything of it. Until I uninstall and reinstall my anti-virus forgetting that happened. Now after I login I have to shift 5 times to pull up explorer after it comes up I get swamped with almost every program crashing or failing to initialize. Maybe 4 will fail to initialize on start up the rest will just keep trying to start up
  2. My computer freezes in chameleon I start it up it updates and starts the scan. It opens the program in the command prompt and then once I close and try to cancel after not working like when I am not in chameleon. After that I hit c to cancel and yes to do so. It starts the scan and then freezes when it tries to start the scan again for some reason. It makes me stuck in the command prompt with it trying to start another scan and I have to restart my computer. Any help would be appreciated. How to get the info needed would be grateful and time saving.
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