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  1. Excellent, thanks as always for the timely and amazing support!
  2. littlemedicalschool.com Being blocked from multiple locations, pretty much any machine we have the cloud mbam client running on. I have attached the log from one of the client machines to see if it lends any help. Let me know your thoughts. MBAMSERVICE.LOG
  3. This is an issue as well for the client I am rolling this out for, constant reboots. I am very familiar with the orphaned registry keys that get left behind, I have even went the extra mile and did deep scans to see if there was anything what so ever relating to all known mbam services and executables etc etc. I have with 100% certainty confirmed everything is gone as well as gone from windows explorer folders and files. Everytime I reinstall i get the same issue with the reboots. 1 thing that is different is it is a 32bit machine, and i did run the 32bit installer. Please advise
  4. Here you go, good luck! Addition.txt FRST.txt MB-CheckResult.txt
  5. Also to add to that response, On a handful of those computers, I ran all the cleanup, scanned registry for anything remotely pertaining to Malwarebytes or its products and removed them as well as files and folders and reinstall with both your linked latest version and the websites and it did not fix the problem on any of the machines.
  6. Its impossible that this is not a problem way more wide spread than the responses in this thread are making it out to be. I have well over 3100 clients running Malwarebytes and out of the few hundred I have been testing 3.0 with, every last single one of them has this issue and has had it now for going on a week. I am a Malwarebytes diehard and I know the in's and outs of just about everything from how it talks to the consoles as well as best practices for installations. I have nothing blocking anything going to the Malwarebytes update servers via Windows Firewall and or Hardware/Software firewall. Something silly and small I am sure is goofed up but there is definitely something not right. FYI these installations I speak of are spread across multiple different business's and state's with different hardware, OS's, ISP's and setups but all having the same exclusions to blocking any traffic relating to updates. Attached to this response is the update that broke it and below that is the response or problem, maybe this will help you pinpoint it. Thanks for all the hard work Malwarebytes Team keep it up, love the product lastupdate-culprit.txt error-response-after-update.txt
  7. Is there a specific place you are suppose to go to get the newest installers for exploit and or mbam for endpoint? It's like pulling teeth to get a mod to respond to send me a freaking link. As a Silver re seller partner I can tell you this is extremely annoying.
  8. Best solution, Just make a Classic view or Modern view option. Classic for the tech simple gui, Modern for the people who like to see all the faces and colors
  9. Does anyone or even staff, know of a way to create a deployment package for GP that will check for all preexisting malwarebytes installs free or paid versions, and remove them if they do not match the current build? The problem I am running into is, so many people have the free version or the paid and it is Version 2 which the console does not reconize so it tries to install over the top or in another directory and then does not work 100% on the workstation until everything is completely removed "registry settings and all" then reinstalled. With the huge networks I have been rolling out the endpoint solution on this has become a very timely task, and I have almost a 200 device network I am getting ready to do and I am holding off until I can figure it out.
  10. Well on the management console there is a restore option, couldn't you simply right a batch or script to restore all files flagged by the Trojan.carbsrp.ed from the specific time that version of the database was out to when it was fixed?
  11. Will this glitch restore the file back to its location or do I need to connect to all my clients and manually go out and restore thousands of files?
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