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  1. Look at that I removed all files and my computer boots up fast and no issues. obviously MB has not had a problem with this yet because my computer runs perfectly fine since I uninstalled warface from steam and removed the GameCenter.exe file leftovers from appdata.
  2. Just built a new gaming system and a friend wanted me to play warface with him and MB kept blocking the ips and there was over 10 ips and I know how to do that. I was in panic mode and seen the info on the site and blindly was not paying attention I am not perfect I make mistakes I am not stupid and know how to remove malware even when MB leaves some behind leftover malware files its not perfect. But I continue to use it and sell the licenses to my customers. I came here to ask if it was safe that was all. I would like you to go into steam if you have it and install warface and open the game t
  3. Since you are an expert tell me if this site is bad info as well? https://www.file.net/process/gamecenter.exe.html
  4. I am a tech but I am not perfect and don't know everything my friend, I learn new things everyday just because your a tech you don't know everything or do you?
  5. I have checked on steam and several gamers detecting the same on there computer as well with malwarebyte malware. The people at steam say that it is a Torent and will trigger the false positive. But ever since I installed the Warface game my computer has been acting weird. I have a Ryzen 9 3900x CPU 32 gigs of Ram and Geforce 2060 RTX card. And now receiving errors when starting up. Have removed the game and the gameCenter.exe and will see what happens and will post back .
  6. From what they are saying it is not good for the comptuer and damages files I will be removing this ASAP and notify Steam about this as well https://www.threatfixer.com/quickly-remove-gamecenter-exe-in-just-15-minutes/
  7. I really need to make sure this is not a virus if not I need to add the program to not be scanned to play the game. But can you double check the gamecenter.exe or however you do things. Because if it is a virus then people trying to play the game from here could get infected.
  8. So does this mean it is ok to play the game on Windows 10 and it won't pop up no more it will need to be the actual program because it blocks more ips then the one shown here is another
  9. So I am playing the game warface and you have to go through Steam that goes through game center/gamecenter.exe and Mawlarebytes detects it is a Trojan can you tell me if this is a false report? If so I will exclude it so that I an continue to play the game if it is malware I guess I am going to not play the game no more.
  10. Ok guys I love playing pubg and on mobile but want to play on my computer but had to download a emulator to do so. Malwarebytes malware says there is no threats but since I installed the program malwarebytes is now blocking the site called Appmarket is this a false positive and is it ok to exclude this from my detections so I don't keep seeing the popup saying it is blocking a Trojan. It is very odd that malwarebytes malware did not detect it before In installed it. Normally when malwarebytes says it is blocking a site or the program is bad I remove it to be safe.
  11. Ok so I have this virus or whatever it is called comet.yahoo.com and when I go to safe mode to use Malwarebytes malware it shuts off all my protections not sure what i should do and I did some research to find that this threat is a real bad one and it seems when I run Malwarebytes malware it does not detect it.
  12. Hey buddy I read some of your posts and I think it fixed it thanks anyways
  13. Ok When I get home from work I will get this going and post it thanks. Looking forward to removing this and knowing how to fix in the future thanks Twinheadedeagle.
  14. I am new with being a member here at MalwareBytes forums and I never have had problems removing virus and malware before except for the pum.bad.proxy which is associated with the ObronaBlockads one of my customers got infected byt this by downloading software from softpedia and they did not uncheck or decline the other added software and it has been a headache with there machine I would love to know the best procedure to remove this threat without re-installing there Windows as this is a time consuming job. I built the computer system for her son and not even a few weeks they brought it back t
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