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  1. Ok guys I love playing pubg and on mobile but want to play on my computer but had to download a emulator to do so. Malwarebytes malware says there is no threats but since I installed the program malwarebytes is now blocking the site called Appmarket is this a false positive and is it ok to exclude this from my detections so I don't keep seeing the popup saying it is blocking a Trojan. It is very odd that malwarebytes malware did not detect it before In installed it. Normally when malwarebytes says it is blocking a site or the program is bad I remove it to be safe. But can you look into this to see if this is a false alarm or should I remove this game because just sick of playing with my thumbs on my phone and this will be so much easier. If you have another emulator that will be safe please link and will go that route.
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