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  1. Hi, Recently I've started to notice some issues with deleting and renaming files in Windows. Whenever I open a folder with a lot of files in it, leave the folder, and try to rename the folder, Windows tells me that I can't rename (or delete) it since it is in use by another process. When I close Malwarebytes, I can rename (or delete) it without any problems. This gives me the idea the Malwarebytes locks the folder or something. Does anyone else have this issue? How can I fix it, besides closing Malwarebytes? Is this known yet?
  2. Hello, The website from snsbank.nl has been blocked. snsbank is a Dutch bank in the Netherlands. The log has been attached. log.txt
  3. No I am not malwarebytes staff, but as soon as I saw your post, I updated my databases in Malwarebytes. After that I ran "apt get update && apt get upgrade", without any issues. Also running dpkg separately didnt give me any issues. Maybe if a staff is looking at this, it would help them out if you could provide more information, like versions of your application and database.
  4. Hello, This post is almost more than 1 year old, so I don't exactly understand why are you still replying to this thread. This issue has been fixed a long time ago. Even with the latest version ( and the latest database update (1.0.4056), it just works.
  5. I was about to watch some streams on Twitch when I noticed malwarebytes blocked a domain from Twitch: Domain: video-weaver.ams02.hls.ttvnw.net IP adres: Poort: 55859 Type: Outgoing Malwarebytes info: Version: Versie componenten / component(?): 1.0.262 Update pakketversie / package version(?): 1.0.3693
  6. Hi, I have attached a .zip file to the original post. The weird thing is, is that the file doesn't appear in my quarantine of MBAM, and the file also doesn't seem to get removed.
  7. Hi, I was running apt-get upgrade && apt-get update in Bash from Windows with the Bash on Ubuntu on Windows / Linux Subsystem for Windows. But Malwarebytes blocked dpkg, a package manager used in linux and mark is as ransomware. I am pretty sure this is a false-positive dpkg.zip
  8. Hello, hxxp://mydigitallife.info/ is blocked. It is just a normal forum, AFAIK.
  9. Hello, I would like to know if it is possible to blacklist websites yourself with MBAM. MBAM uses their own blacklist, but I would also like to add some IP's myself. Is this possible? If not, I will just modify the hosts file on Windows. Thanks!
  10. Hello, http://whoer.net/is blocked since today, I think. This website is used to get some general information about your own, and other IPs... Don't know why it is blocked exactly, but looks like a false positive for me.
  11. Thanks for clearing things up for me. I appreciate it
  12. Thanks obfuscating my systemname. Could you explain this a bit more for me? Why is the IP blocked than? The IP is not listed on SpamHaus nor on VirusTotal. is part of hxxp://gsmarena.com/, according to the page-source of gsmarena, does host some .css and ,js files. And why is another sub-domain of gsmarena 'cdn.gsmarena.com' not blocked, while "cdn2.gsmarena.com" is blocked? Thanks.
  13. Message for the mods: Please remove my "systemname" from my previous post. (Can't I edit posts myself?)
  14. Hi, Malwarebytes started blocked hxxt://gsmarena.com/ for me. Here is the line from the log: <record severity="debug" process="C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" LoggingEventType="0" datetime="2015-01-07T23:49:57.231137+01:00" source="Protection" type="Detection" username="SYSTEM" systemname="*******" last_modified_tag="c0878a7d-520d-47ed-a5d1-2bc5fcf78604" subtype="Malicious Website Protection" direction="Outbound" domain="cdn2.gsmarena.com" ip="" malwaretype="IP" port="53651"></record>
  15. Wanted to add this to the first post, but I could not find the 'edit' button... Google Chrome Backdoor.Bot.rar
  16. So, my Malwarebytes just started giving pop-ups that me chrome.exe is a Backdoor, but I am pretty sure that my Google Chrome is not infected. Affected files (for me): filename="C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\39.0.2171.95\delegate_execute.exe" MD5 = "9699e2129eeb7cba4129788d41c1b749" Malware: Backdoor.Bot filename="C:\Program Files (x86)\Google\Chrome\Application\chrome.exe" MD5 = c56a13e137523afcf476a5606c967090 Malware: Backdoor.Bot Databse: v2015.01.06.07
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