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  1. Ok I meant it in a way that they are strong in it just maybe the weakest out of their counters but I see now that I was wrong. Man do I got a lot to learn! Thanks though!
  2. Oh-No it would never ever get close to being complete I would doubt it would get close to 50% witht the amount there is but just having any kind of big directory could be helpful even if it gets out of date.
  3. Hey guys. So a few months ago I was downloading some game files and it also downloaded some PUP. One of these PUPs were Grillaprice. This was the worm that got me very interested in computers. So I tried to take care of it by running Malwarebytes and AVG. It looked all good once I cleaned it. But when I ran it again and again each time it would say it was there. When I tried uninstalling it from the computer it just pulled to the site and asked to DOWNLOAD the uninstaller (didn't trust it so I didn't) Later I resorted to completely resetting the computer. My question is: what is it that I did wrong? Was it that Grillaprice is a strong worm. Some Chrome extension kept it? I also had some friends that got infected with it too. They came to me and I couldn't do anything except tell them to hard reset! How do you get rid of Grillaprice!? -Thank you! Note: I am not infected with it now
  4. What I am doing is creating a list of known malware that come with other software. It will be out of date like the others have said but if you keep a personal list it can help in trouble shooting computers by seeing what each program does. It would be very interesting one day if a big website is vreated one day with thousands of users inputting malware and is completely community made (so no big company paying employees to research)
  5. Just a question of clarification: Aren't most of those sites redirects from another website (So not requiring infection), do they need the infection, or is it simply that it can be both?
  6. I think Malware-Bytes stuggles a little bit with adware because usually it leaves traces so that the browsers still have it. I find that adwCleaner and JRT (Junkware Removal Tool) seems to work in removing them. Hope that helps!
  7. Hey I am new to the Forums and I am looking forward to helping out people!

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