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  1. What's the connection between Binisoft and Malwarebytes? I have several regular Malwarebytes licenses. I use MS System Center Endpoint Protection. Can Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control play well with it?
  2. MS has sent an email re: their dropping security at the end of the year. I currently use MS System Center Endpoint Protection and wanted to know what would be a good replacement. I'm pretty sure my Endpoint Protection + MalwareBytes Premium has worked well together. Does anyone here recommend a suitable replacement? I'm not sure how well they work w MB. TY
  3. I want to move from my installed app and license on my LG V20, with Oreo to another device but I don't want to disable the app, only deactivate the license. I plan to go back and forth and I don't want to re-install the app itself. I can deactivate the license on my desktop and move to my laptop and back again but can't find the deactivate option on my LG. I have 4 licenses and a lot of devices. TIA Phil
  4. Thank you very much. Shouldn't it say it's an advertising? Does Google not block this type of thing but firefox does? What's an F/P? I'm very happy MAM blocked it. Phil
  5. never mind. looks like the troubled site was taken down after i mentioned it to them.
  6. I was chatting w tech support about a public site (Philadelphia train schedule) I was trying to view that was being blocked by MAM. Unfortunately, my using chrome (v58) and Larry's use of Firefox showed different screens so he couldn't help me or the public. http://www.septa.org/maps/ on the bottom right I see Train Schedules icon. I don't want to visit a site MAM blocks but it seems using a very popular browser to access a general public site should be a no brainer unless the site was written in such a way that causes MAM troubles. There have been a couple times MAM blocked propriety si
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