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  1. What's the connection between Binisoft and Malwarebytes? I have several regular Malwarebytes licenses. I use MS System Center Endpoint Protection. Can Malwarebytes Windows Firewall Control play well with it?
  2. MS has sent an email re: their dropping security at the end of the year. I currently use MS System Center Endpoint Protection and wanted to know what would be a good replacement. I'm pretty sure my Endpoint Protection + MalwareBytes Premium has worked well together. Does anyone here recommend a suitable replacement? I'm not sure how well they work w MB. TY
  3. I want to move from my installed app and license on my LG V20, with Oreo to another device but I don't want to disable the app, only deactivate the license. I plan to go back and forth and I don't want to re-install the app itself. I can deactivate the license on my desktop and move to my laptop and back again but can't find the deactivate option on my LG. I have 4 licenses and a lot of devices. TIA Phil
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