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  1. Here's the log of the ESET Scanner. Sorry for not replying, haven't recently gotten a chance to look at my computer. ESET Scanner 1st Time Found Threats Log.txt
  2. Hey, I'm really sorry for not responding!! I will now do the stuff you have asked me. I will post the stuff in the next reply.
  3. My apologies for not responding earlier. I was away from the affected computer for a couple days. Here's the log from the scan: Malwarebytes Anti-Malwarewww.malwarebytes.org ^This is what pasted. I opened the scan log like you said and said copy to clipboard. This is what pasted, apparently. I don't know how to get the real thing... Do you need the protection log?
  4. *Bump* and is there something wrong with what I said?? Something wrong with my computer that you guys won't try to help me?? I'm pretty sure I don't have any illegal things, if that's what you're worried about.
  5. Other weird stuff that's been going on is phishing website redirections. Exampes: readytwos.com & www.agreementflv.com Help is very much appreciated!
  6. Here is the log of the first scan and clean I did. As soon as the second one finishes, I will post that one as well. I "cleaned" the infected stuff as soon as the first log finished. mbar-log-2014-12-27 (14-12-02) Save.txt
  7. I found out exactly what Malwarebytes thing I'm using. It's Malwarebytes Anti-Rootkit BETA v1.08.2.1001 Thanks again! -JasonWolf727
  8. Hello everyone, new user here. I've been having some issues in google chrome lately, and was thinking it might be related to malware. I'm hoping you guys will be able to help me out. Here's the stuff that's been happening lately: -When entering a website or advancing to a new page on the website, sometimes something redirects me to a new page, either on that same tab or on a new one. Example: readytwos.com -When viewing a website, some words are highlighted in Blue letters for no apparent reason, and upon clicking on them takes you to an ad. -Other weird stuff That's the stuff that's been going on. I've also used Malwarebytes Anti-Root whatever-it-is-called and Farbar Recovery Scan Tool and the problem hasn't been fixed. I have not tried reinstalling google chrome. This has also been relatively new stuff going on here and has not been happening at least 2 weeks ago, maybe even not a week ago. I will attach the data from the Farbar Recovery Scan Tool. If you guys tell me to, I will also attach the stuff from the Malwarebytes thing too. Thanks for taking your time to read this. I appreciate anything you do to try to help me. Peace out! -JasonWolf727 Addition_27-12-2014_20-51-30.txt FRST_27-12-2014_20-51-30.txt
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