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  1. Malwarebytes uninstalled and attempted to install a new version. Now the app will not launch, I get unable to reach service when I attempt to launch or run update. I think the application needs to be reinstalled
  2. I have an issue when using Armorfly browser and viewing stories on emails from History.com. I keep getting a warning the browser is not up to date. This is an adware malware type deal but Malwarebytes does not appear to identify it or block it even though it is up to date. The following are the URLs from once such event: https://browser-update.org/block-ignore-browser-update-warning.html https://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/ships-crash-in-heavy-fog?cmpid=email-hist-tdih-2018-0529-05292018&om_rid=2efb57f45343788591cb43be2921b0db05bba7b57957e5a867f40daa22337048&om
  3. Thank you exile360 for the great explanation. Moving off Kapersky not only resolved my Malware bytes issues but also appears to have sped up my laptop.
  4. So far. I have shut down and rebooted 3 times as well as installed a new anti-virus/ Internet security suite app.
  5. Thanks for your help Porthos. I decided to uninstall Kapersky and use another product. Even the uninstall process was not completely successful initially I had to go to the Kapersky site and use an uninstall tool to totally remove the app. I became dissatisfied with Kapersky over time for a number of issues, this was just the last straw.
  6. I am running version in Windows 7 pro. I have three issues. First Real Time Protection, Web Protection fails to start many times and will not start even when I try to change the switch from off to on. Secondly unless I manually launch the Malwarebytes program mbam.exe *32 does not appear under the processes in Windows Task Manager but Malwarebytes does appear under the services. This makes me think the application is not running. The third issue is that Malwarebytes does not appear in the taskbar, if I expand Notification Area Icons Malwarebytes tray Application is liste
  7. All of a sudden Malwarebytes has stopped working in Win 7 pro (64 bit) unless I go into safe mode. It will not even launch manually in 64 bit anymore and while I can get it to work in safe mode it is state auto-protect is not on. I have tried everything but cannot get this issue fixed.
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