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  1. OK, thank you for the detailed pointers in the reply. I am registered as a user of Malwarebytes Premium, but the warning I got was identified as coming from BrowserGuard under Firefox, so I posted in the last link you recommended. I hope I picked the right page to post it.
  2. I get a BrowserGuard trojan warning that may be a false positive. Could someone double check rabett.blogspot.com? VirusTotal founds nothing.
  3. I get a warning at a long trusted site: rabett.blogspot.com VirusTotal finds no problem there. Is this the right way to ask for a double check?
  4. Puzzled -- I've paid for Malwarebytes Mac Premium 3.9.27, and it's running. When I click the Browserguard icon in Firefox, I'm always offered a link in upper right corner to "Get Full Protection" to upgrade to Premium. Should Premium be recognized as already paid, installed and running?
  5. hankering

    Site blocked

    What's wrong about: www.kimstanleyrobinson.info ? It's blocked using Firefox, opens normally unde Safari. There should be a button to "report to webmaster"
  6. Same problem, MWB 3.6.21; OSX 10.12.6. Restarting did not fix it.
  7. Same problem. Uninstalled and reinstalled Malwarebytes; then it took a few weeks and the problem popped up again. I there someone at Malwarebytes to whom I can refer the LittleSnitch support people, in hopes you all can cooperatively work this out?
  8. Thank you. Alas, I failed to try the most fundamental solution to any computer problem -- who'd have thought power cycling the hardware would fix this! Thanks folks. I hope some conversation among Malwarebytes and the LittleSnitch programmers can get rid of this annoyance.
  9. I'm using Littlesnitch, so I need those instructions. MB 3.4.29, Malwarebytes Premium, "Check For Updates" blinks the exclamation point then returns to saying Updates are not current. Under Realtime Protection, Updates are not current; blinks "Checking" then returns to warning they're not up to date. So how do I enable the four links I need to allow?
  10. PPS, I'm assuming the problem with the code signature got fixed, I ran the checkup as recommended: codesign -dvvv /Applications/Malwarebytes.app Executable=/Applications/Malwarebytes.app/Contents/MacOS/Malwarebytes Identifier=com.malwarebytes.mbam.frontend.launcher Format=app bundle with Mach-O thin (x86_64) CodeDirectory v=20200 size=551 flags=0x0(none) hashes=9+5 location=embedded Hash type=sha256 size=32 CandidateCDHash sha1=7185dfb82c2e89798d3696251a800f4a8231b012 CandidateCDHash sha256=92c1a9f030d57883a535dfac3f07121541c96e9b Hash choices=sha1,sha256 CDHash=92c1a9f030d57883a535dfac3f07121541c96e9b Signature size=4665 Authority=Developer ID Application: Malwarebytes Corporation (GVZRY6KDKR) Authority=Developer ID Certification Authority Authority=Apple Root CA Signed Time=Aug 6, 2018, 12:18:58 AM Info.plist entries=25 TeamIdentifier=GVZRY6KDKR Sealed Resources version=2 rules=13 files=4 Internal requirements count=1 size=232 ==== and ==== spctl --assess --verbose=4 /Applications/Malwarebytes.app /Applications/Malwarebytes.app: accepted source=Developer ID MacBookPro-2:~ ankh$
  11. Aha, that was the problem. Deleted the LS rule, update ran properly. Also allowed "telemetry.malwarebytes.com" to connect.
  12. PS, Littlesnitch says: On Feb 20, 2018, RTProtectionDaemon tried to establish a connection to sirius.mwbsys.com. The request was denied via connection alert. Priority:  Extra High – Overrides any other rules because there’s an issue with the process’ code signature
  13. > In the External Access Requirements section under System Requirements, there is a list of servers that Malwarebytes needs to be able to > communicate with. Ensure that none of the following Malwarebytes processes are prevented from accessing those servers How, please? Mac OS firewall is set to allow malwarebytes.com but I don't see how to allow those different servers. Do I need to? Same problem with updates not current but the update button just blinks. MW Premium 3.4.12, fresh copy downloaded, same issue.
  14. Same problem. I have the Mac firewall set to allow malwarebytes.com, but I see no way to allow the three different websites listed in the MW docs. Screenshot shows the firewall, the MW warning that update are not current (which never will update) and the manual page. Do I need to do something with the firewall that will enable MW to update? Details please.
  15. I can't get updates to work. Docs say permit three URLs in firewall. Firewall only lets me select "malwarebyes" app but not the three required URLs (see screenshot)
  16. PS -- if you follow the above fix, recheck your settings. After I did that deletion, mine were all turned off (which makes sense) and had to be turned back on.
  17. OK, got the automated reply, will run the 2 programs and post the requested logs.
  18. I've read the 3-page thread with the same title, but since it was locked a while ago "to reduce confusion" I'm asking the question again. Is there a final summary answer to what to do when web protection will not stay turned on? I can go through all the steps recommended in the previous topic about this, but figured, it may be time to ask afresh.
  19. Same issue. Is "symcb.com" a problem connection?
  20. Two of my neighbors have had this same kind of problem, and have paid local computer assistance sites a lot of money to "fix" it for them. They get the popup, it looks like a legitimate Malwarebytes reminder, but no place to enter codes. One neighbor "paid a tech support group in India for an hour's work" to fix that. The other neighbor thinks their (local) computer installer may have installed a legitimate copy of Malwarebytes Pro, but failed to give them the registration/password information and failed to tell them that it's installed -- but is not able to check til Monday as it's the holiday. The second neighbor (initials A.L.) has left email for your Support address asking how to tell if they have a legitimate copy of Malwarebytes Pro. Their "About" screen looks legitimate to me, it says they bought it in August, I think, and they did have the local company service their Windows 7 machine in August. But -- they aren't sure. I hope your Support people can identify their email -- as of an hour or so ago -- and help them figure out if they have a clever fake or the real Malwarebytes. If it's real Malwarebytes -- there's some problem with getting the thing recognized. I don't know what the resolution for either neighbor was -- but either something is wrong with how the legitimate Malwarebytes popups appear, or there is something that is faking Malwarebytes screens.
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