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  1. Thanks for help, I will follow your final instructions, I've just been busy with holidays, hope you had pleasant relaxing time. Please leave this thread open a day or so more, in case I have further questions. Thanks!
  2. I ran FRST64.exe with your fixlist.txt file in the same directory, as administrator. The tool shut down running apps, and appeared to run normally: it did not produce any error messages that I could see. It finished running in just a few minutes. It prompted me to reboot my machine. I clicked OK, and the computer rebooted without any obvious problem. I am including the Fixlog.txt below. I was in contact yesterday with people on the forum of the game developer of the game that generated the mbam warnings. The company is called "Gaijin" and apparently is based in Russia. A forum technic
  3. I posted a question in this thread: https://forums.malwarebytes.org/index.php?/topic/162653-help-plz-outbound-connections-to-malicious-sites-blocked/ ...and was directed to create a new topic here in Malware Removal Help. I have a game called War Thunder through the Steam game service which is trying to open connections to malicious websites in Russia, according to the popup messages being generated by malwarebytes. I have a screenshot of the mbam log file errors: https://imgur.com/XnSkRqG I downloaded and ran the Farbar tool, the logs are included below. I also downloaded and ran the
  4. I have the game War Thunder through the Steam game service. When the game client patched tonight, I started seeing outbound connection attempts blocked by malwarebytes from War Thunder's launcher.exe to hosts mostly in Russia (I ran whois on the IP addresses.) My security software is not throwing errors about any other application on my machine, just the War Thunder launcher. Is the steam launcher infected? Is my computer infected? What is the fix? Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks very much! Here is a screenshot of my malwarebytes log:
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