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  1. Shoot. My bad I the other link at the bottom seemed to work. Sorry for confusion!
  2. Hello! It's been awhile since I've been on the forum. I was attempting to use a lifetime license I got in a giveaway, but it said I reached the maximum uses. Sadly I do not have an email linked to the key and am pretty sure I deactivated it when I switched laptops. Is there some way to force kick any possible devices "using" the key? Thanks!
  3. Hey guys so for the past year using this product I have never had a malware attack on my kindle upbut tonight it is detecting Hungry Shark Evolution as malware. This is latest version from the appstore with no cheats or cracks for the game were installed. Database 2016.6.20.1
  4. So I haven't gotten a response in a while and I cannot make a support ticket.
  5. Hey everyone today after scanning I got this problem from mbamm when I try to fix it just brings me to settings. What should I do?
  6. Haha Something interesting.. Apparently running Malwarebytes using Admin Privilages will allow the protection to startup if it didn't at the time.
  7. Oh put of curiosity there was a new update? I didn't know that MBARW upload the file in question to the developers.
  8. Hey I accidently booted up Internet Explorer and as soon as I did MBARW blocked one of avast's internet addons for IE AvastSvc.zip logs.zip Malwarebytes Anti-Ransomware.zip
  9. The person working on the error said everything looked fine after I used MBAM Clean hopefully this won't happen again. If there are any issues though I will let you all know. Thanks for the help!
  10. There is some reference number when making the topic. If you checked buying the product.
  11. Here is the log All the symptoms I can tell of so far 1. Protection Won't Startup on Boot 2. Program Won't Startup on Boot (Have it set to start up) 3. Scans will not run automatically even when scheduled (Have to run scan myself) 4. Updates will not commence (Unless running a scan) Scheduling won't work 5. NEW: Malwarebytes deletes assess policies on startup. I also added my security config in case you think anything is conflicting CheckResults.txt My Os Config.txt
  12. Another scary thing I noticed my scans and updates are not being initiated even though they are in my scheduling. Only when I manually scan it updates databases. Will post logs when site is able to again.
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