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  1. Just now, BotenRedWolf said:

    Yeah that was fast. Hopefully I can get this resolved and get going again. Thanks for tagging in the right guys!

    Thanks for the quick call. Figured out it was routed incorrectly due to the company's splitting. So we never got a notice that you need something. :( 

    Watch for an email in the next few minutes.

  2. 38 minutes ago, changingtide said:

    I have been trying to remove Malwarebytes from 2 devices that got stolen and after 5 days with 3 different support techs I have been told that all they can do is make my keys invalid.

    Both of my license keys are multiyear licenses for 9 devices. After using Malwarebytes for over 10 years the best they could do was tell me they could void the licenses and that I’d have to rebuy my subscriptions.

    Because 2 of my devices were stolen, I get to spend more money rebuying a product all because support has no way of removing keys from the devices?

    There is a management portal, but it is useless. I have tried manually removing devices one at a time with the trashcan icon and removing all devices under both keys as a whole. However, devices just reconnect when they come online again. I also had support remove all devices from their end, but the same thing happened were devices just reconnect.

    So I just wanted to leave a warning for people that might be managing lots of devices (for family in my case), I guess if you’re not a business you’re SOL.

    Hi @changingtide. Checking on this and will be back in touch shortly. :) 

    Edit: someone from Support will be reaching out to you shortly.

  3. 1 hour ago, Peter_D said:

    Hello, I work for a telecommunications company that operates two seperate internet companies.  We use Malwarebytes on our company computers and recommend Malwarebyte products to our customers.  We would like to have permission to post information created by Malwarebytes, such as the infographics on the Malwarebytes Resource page or articles from the Malwarebytes newsletter on our websites, to keep our customers informed.

    Please do! Thanks for your support!

  4. 2 hours ago, cc123 said:


    Ive had 2 emails from the well known scam that is going round asking for bitcoins to stop everyone seeing my porn activity etc.

    My slight concern is that when I was checking the 'to' and 'from' field I clicked on 'From' which was my email address, and the contact info box popped up with my email (i know this is spoofed). But when I clicked on the 'To' field which had my password on it the contact box popped up briefly, didnt display anything, then disappeared.

     Internet search didnt bring up any info on this so its probably ok but just wanted confirmation that its not possible to get infected this way?


    I have Malwarebytes premium

    Received the emails in Outlook.


    Many thanks

    Hi @cc123! You're most likely fine. Make sure you're using unique and complex passwords on all of your accounts. Also, use two-factor authentication (2FA) wherever possible and a password manager.

    Take a look over here at this post:


  5. 3 hours ago, Imageman200 said:

    I hope someone from Malwarebytes can pass on this "Atta Boy" to Phil, a Malwarebytes chat service agent!

    I'm an old guy, (pushing 80) so.......   I got wrapped the axle yesterday trying to resolve the number of Malwarebytes licenses I own. It was making my head swim.

    I clumsily stated my issue on the chat system to "Phil" who quickly sorted out the problem and resolved the issue. The resolution included cancelling the order I had just placed for another license because I already had an unused one. Big sigh of relief followed!!

    Good job Phil, and thanks to you and Malwarebytes for providing GREAT service - Best, IM?

    Thanks for sharing this! @PhilStophas been given a proper "Atta Boy" by our team here! 

  6. Hi @LouisAZ. Unfortunately, the company you worked with is not us and they are running a scam. Our official support team doesn't offer chat on the weekends (you can see options here). Wanted to share this ASAP so you know what's up.

    As far as your machine and what's going on, hang tight and one of our community members here will jump in and help you. Please make sure you complete the steps above as those will help us serve you better.

  7. 1 minute ago, unknownguy said:

    Ok so I checked to only login it didn't appear.

    1) I cleaned Firefox history + cookies with CCleaners automatic cleaning.

    2) I visit Malwarebytes.org, disable NoScript and Umatrix.

    3) I visit the forum. Disable NoScript and Umatrix to work.

    4) I login and when I'm redirecting to the forum I get this image I posted earlier.


    This is exactly what I did.

    Perfect, thanks for the details.

  8. 12 minutes ago, Donnat said:

    Hi I would like to close my account - I think you do great work and provide a necessary service, but I just have too much to manage and don't need it.  Trying to limit online exposure as much as I can due to the number of security breaches. Can you please delete my account, purge my info from your database and let me know once that has been completed? thank you.  Donna

    Yep, we can do that for you. We will message you via the email on record when it's completed (later today).

  9. 1 hour ago, ComputerRehab said:

    My web page comes up as a scam page and I tried on some other .ws sites with the same message. 

    I could not afford a $5000 .com name and .ws is cheap with a lot of good names out there. 

    We’re looking into this. Be back in a bit with clarification.

  10. 21 hours ago, dcollins said:

    I run uBlock origin and the Malwarebytes Extension and don't have any issues.

    I do run HTTPSEverywhere and occasionally I'll get an error from either Malwarebytes or HTTPSEverywhere that the redirect failed because the other extension handled it first. It doesn't cause any actual issues (since it only happens on sites that are blocked anyways) but it's the only side effect I've seen.

    As for adding it to customer computers, the Malwarebytes employee in me says "Yes, put it on as many computers as possible!" but the repair technician in me says "It's beta, not going to risk a customers computer and having them call me if something goes wrong".

    Same here. Also agree with using it on your own machines but not on your clients' machines quite yet.

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