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  1. Please see attached logs. FYI, I have not had any pop ups from Malwarebytes nor Avast tonight. Recent activity also appears normal. Odd that I was getting pop ups immediately after the fix, but not now. I will not have access to the laptop we are working on over the weekend. Can you please keep this thread open and I can report back to you Monday/Tuesday? Thank you much for your continued help! FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. Same symptoms (high CPU usage and medium to high RAM usage). I have attached a pdf of two pop ups that happened after the fix and reboot (I hope you can see them). Doc1.pdf
  3. Please see attached log. Also I have a Word file that has popup message screen shots I've been getting from Malwarebytes and Avast. Apparently, I can not upload Word files. Is there another format I can use? I tried just pasting the images and paste from Word, but neither one worked. Thank you. Fixlog.txt
  4. That's odd. It finished normally. I followed your instructions and reran the scan with no problems. Please see attached reports. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  5. Thank you for responding quickly. Please see attached for the Malwarebytes protection log and ComboFix log. ComboFix 16 DEC 2014.txt MB Protection log 16 DEC 2014.txt
  6. I seem to be having problems with windows/explorer.exe. The symptoms are multiple instances of explorer.exe running with one of the instances using a majority of my RAM and CPU. Per instructions on your forum, I have installed and run Farbar Recovery Scan Tool. Attached are the two logs. Also per instructions I have uninstalled Skype. So far I have run the following (not necessarily in the order listed): TDSSKiller ComboFix adwcleaner Junk Removal Tool iolo Kapersky avast CCleaner Some of these found issues and claimed to have resolved them. I'm currently using Avast and Malwarebyt
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