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  1. Aaaaaaand... MD5 hash exception did the trick. Sorry for all the spam
  2. OK well it's not that either then. I disabled the option, saved the setting, then cycled the service and it seemed to work but after a reboot it's back to being blocked, so I suppose something is happening with cycling the service which is not blocking it right away.
  3. Urgh sorry, not that setting but rather "VBA 7 Abuse". Wish we could EDIT our posts in this forum rather than keep adding replies
  4. Additional into... I found that if I disable "Protection for Office WMI abuse" under anti-exploit protection, it works. So how would I go about correcting this without opening this up wide open?
  5. Also, I'm getting a "failed to restore from quarantine" message. when I try to restore it. How do I get around this?
  6. We have an Export to Excel function on our ERP that apparently nobody has used to this point - so the new guy that first tries it ends up getting a popup saying that MWB is quarantining url.dll - I've atatched screenshots of the messages. The question is, do I just create a blanket exception on url.dll or is there a better way to get around this?
  7. I've enabled Tamper Protection on a policy and no matter how long I wait, it does not accept the password when trying to uninstall the client on an endpoint. I've rebooted the endpoint and forced an update from the cloud to it, but it still does not allow it. If I turn off the requirement, I am still prompted for a password. The only way to uninstall right now is to initiate from, the cloud. Is this a known issue or am I missing something?
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