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  1. Both machines having this issue. 3.5.1 on the latest build of Windows 10 1803.
  2. Hey all, Anyone else having MBAM 3 crash on you if you leave your computer on for about 12-24 hours? I had this issue with 3.4.4 and now 3.4.5. I used the MBAM Cleaner in both instances to install a clean version of MBAM. I've got a lifetime license. i7 4770, 16GB RAM, R9 290, and up-to-date Windows 1709. This doesn't happen on my other machines, though. Just FYI for the MBAM folks that 3.4.5 is still crashing, at least for me.
  3. This is completely unaccpetable, Malwarebytes. There was a similar update last year that also screwed things up. ARE YOU NOT TESTING THESE UPDATES BEFORE YOU PUSH THEM TO MILLIONS OF COMPUTERS??? IF YOU ARE, YOU NEED A BETTER TESTING MATRIX.
  4. Still a problem for me. This is with the latest Windows 10 cumulative update (16299.192) and the latest AMD driver (17.12.2).
  5. I use the drivers from Creative.com. The Windows Update drivers are bad; the sound card doesn't work right and sounds tinny. That's been my experience with them for a couple years now.
  6. Hi, I've also been having this exact same problem with Windows 1709 (FCU) and MBAM. If I boot cold from a shutdown state, Windows works fine. However, if I reboot Windows and then log in, the start button is unresponsive. I have to power down the system, then boot it cold for it to work normally. It appears to be some weird driver issue and MBAM? If I uninstall my AMD drivers use DDU, Windows works fine. If I remove MBAM, Windows works fine. But if both are installed, the start button will not work on reboot. And I too get that error "Task Host Windows"... that was displayed on the first page of this thread. This is off a totally clean install of Windows 1709. My system. Dell XPS 8700 with 16GB RAM and i7 4770. AMD R9 290 with the latest drivers (I've installed all the latest AMD drivers since 1709 was released; still have same issue). Creative Soundblaster Z with latest driver (dated March 2017) MBAM 3.3.1 I am also using a Logitech wireless keybooard and mouse, but not the Logitech software.
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