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  1. All is deleted and well! FYI.. I tried to click on your donate button but I'm guessing it won't allow me to log in to Paypal since you are in the UK. Do you have an email address that I can send a donation to? I surely owe you a drink after this mess you helped me with!
  2. File deleted.. all seems great! You've been an excellent guide!
  3. Here are the requested files. My browsers did reset fine. MyEsetScan.txt Fixlog.txt
  4. I'm not able to stop the service even as administrator. Can I run the ESET scan in safe mode with networking on? That way the scanner service isn't started?
  5. Thanks.. before I get started.. I'm only able to disable my antivirus for 5 min increments... will that be a problem for the scans?
  6. The issues I was experiencing seem to be gone. Are you still seeing issues in the logs? The system is actually much faster now than before.
  7. Finally.. here are the requested files! Thanks for your patience! Addition.txt AdwCleanerS0.txt ComboFix.txt FRST.txt JRT.txt
  8. It finished... I'm on the AdwCleaner step now... Just cleaned and rebooting now.
  9. The system rebooted itself overnight.... It's been up sine 9:15 and Combofix has been stuck on "Preparing Log Report - Please don't run any programs until Combofix has finished". How long does this usually take?
  10. Desktop shows now after hitting the show desktop button (duh).... So I'm just waiting on if I should restart Combofix or manually restart.
  11. I was able to close the last program, but my desktop is black and nothing is running currently.
  12. I had applications blocking the restart and Combofix screen said not to manually restart. I hit cancel so I could close the apps and now the machine is stuck. Should I try to manually restart?
  13. MBAM Scan Log: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-16" ?> <mbam-log> <header> <date>2014/12/10 15:06:27 -0500</date> <logfile>mbam-log-2014-12-10 (15-06-24).xml</logfile> <isadmin>yes</isadmin> </header> <engine> <version></version> <malware-database>v2014.12.10.08</malware-database> <rootkit-database>v2014.12.08.03</rootkit-database> <license>trial</license> <file-protection>enabled</file-protection> <web-protection>enabled</web-protection> <self-protection>disabled</self-protection> </engine> <system> <osversion>Windows 7 Service Pack 1</osversion> <arch>x64</arch> <username>schurt</username> <filesys>NTFS</filesys> </system> <summary> <type>threat</type> <result>completed</result> <objects>352940</objects> <time>1115</time> <processes>0</processes> <modules>0</modules> <keys>0</keys> <values>0</values> <datas>0</datas> <folders>0</folders> <files>0</files> <sectors>0</sectors> </summary> <options> <memory>enabled</memory> <startup>enabled</startup> <filesystem>enabled</filesystem> <archives>enabled</archives> <rootkits>enabled</rootkits> <deeprootkit>disabled</deeprootkit> <heuristics>enabled</heuristics> <pup>enabled</pup> <pum>enabled</pum> </options> <items> </items> </mbam-log> TDSSKiller. Addition.txt FRST.txt
  14. Adam.. my name is Shawn and I will begin the steps now. Thanks for your assistance! More to follow....
  15. I keep getting this popup from Malwarebytes after running my initial scan. I do have dllhost.exe in my task manager processes, but usually only 2 and they aren't consuming a lot of resources like what I've read about with others. I've noticed a strange behavior with my browsers (Firefox and IE) which is why I decided to download MWB in the first place. I was getting IE crashes with no browser or processes open. After running MWB, that seems to have stopped, but now the contant popups... please help! Thanks in advance!
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