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  1. We're getting buried with what appears to be false-positive alerts on the web protection...blocking Microsoft and Google IP's and many others.
  2. Same here.....Google and Microsoft IP's to name a few....
  3. Are there separate updates for the Anti-Exploit?
  4. Seeing some other posts related to this IP on the forums today We've seen this pop up on iexplorer traffic and a couple on outlook.exe, specifically on a PDF attachment sent in by one of our customers.
  5. version We just installed about a week ago for evaluation purposes...
  6. Anti-Exploit is blocking access to Commvault backups Java console but I can not exclude it... "Selected threat does not contain a valid payload checksum, it cannot be added into exclusion list". I can deactivate the Java Shield, but I rather find a better solution long-term. Thanks.
  7. As a prospective customer evaluating the business product, we'd also find email alerts, report scheduling, and syslog exporting very helpful in a business environment.
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