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  1. I am a big fan; very grateful for the whole Mbam pgm and support. Great tool. can you add ability to delete Folders? Would save a lot of repetitive mouseclicks. regards
  2. Here is the wrapup. Sorry i didn't post earlier. The HDD cleaned fine as slave on the other PC. good enough to put it back and reboot. Reinstalled MBAM and it ran fine and found 43 more baddies. 6 were the Antispy,another bunch were FbrowserAdvisor.... But the good news is, the scan as slave works well enough to allow MBAM to reinstall and reclean. Thanx for your help.
  3. Got hit with the Windows Protection Suite. Mbam got it all, except for one reg entry in SearchScopes for the search-gala..... and it didn't clean the hosts file. I dumped that. I replaced that with google.com. Now there is no search hijack, but on DNS fail by bad typing in the address bar, I just get Google.com, but no results anymore. How do I write the language in there for the ?????{search query}blahblah... thanx again for a great cleanup job. I don't mind at all doig the last bit when you guys did the hard part!
  4. Marcin, Thanx for this SW. An outstanding job. And everyone of the contributors/helpers in this forum deserve any accolades that we can profer. A glass of Champaign to ya. I did get the AS2009 last week on a friend's PC. She used it for a week til I could get back to it. By then, MBAM, HJT blocked; even Rename. So I put the HDD into another set as a slave, and it cleaned fine. Might suggest that to the gang here. The bad guys are getting pretty slick, and the recipe for cleaning a set is getting pretty tough. cheers
  5. If storks bring white babies, and crows bring black babies, what kinds of birds bring no babies at all? Woodpeckers, swallows, cardinals. I know....AAAAARRRRRRRRRGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!
  6. Update: MBAM found Rootkit in netlogon.dll and Adware Agent in cpnprt2.cid. deleted both. AVG 8.5 still running. more later as it happens. Hope this will help anyone else. cheers
  7. You guys are freakin great. I have been reading other posts that are similar to my headache: Got hit with the Antispy 2009 on a Vista set. only thing that happened that day was Win Update!!?? MBAM blocked. Superantispyware blocked. HJT blocked. Rootrepeal crashes. After 3 tries, a Restore worked. But then MBAM launched, then quit. So, I am now scanning the HDD in an XP set that has just been scanned clean and updated fully. It is finding some stuff. Crypt GBE for one. Here is the BIG question: By scanning this way, I can remove and heal the files that were downloaded; but not /clean' the registry. So, will the Vista set reinfect when I move the HDD back to boot on it. OR, will the reg entries pointing to the formerly bad files just be ignored? If this works, it will be a good scheme for cleaning. thanx
  8. Didn't work. Rootrepeal crashed. Haven't heard back from them. Every time I restore to an older point, it runs fine for a while, then programs start to get blocked or ??? MBAM launched, updated, then hid when I clicked Scan. HJT went away when I clicked Scan. this really sucks.
  9. BTW, it's 'Antispyware 2009' that got in. do the instructions still apply? also, on the date it happened, there are 6 new versions of ksecdd.sys that came in at 1am. but Windows Update is 3am. all these show as legit MS, but 6 of em? should I delete them and restore the backed up one? thanx
  10. WOW. this is a real SOB, isn't it. How about this: can I attach the Vista HDD to an XP set and clean it? will it clean the Reg.or just the bad files on the drive? if this will work, it will be quicker than the other stuff, and less prone to my possible miss typing!! thanx
  11. MB has been a big help, but I got a live one here. Had the 'Antispyware 2009' on a Vista PC. deleted from PgmFiles, but still MBAM blocked - 'Do not have Permission". same for SuperAntispyware, and HJT. Windows Live Scan won't run either. Safe mode with Networking doesn't Network!!!! PC si kinda running OK. No more 'Buy Me' popups, but I want to clean the damn thing. any Suggestions?? thanx
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