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  1. I've just tried to install the new Malwarebytes. By some reason it turns off the default protection provided by Windows Defender. Is there any way I can keep the default antivirus program and run Malwarebytes only on demand?
  2. Can you check the log-files of your update server to see how much the number of Windows downloads is down in Russia in comparison with previous months (January-March)?
  3. Quite strangely, the problem with loading Malwarebytes updates only affects my Windows device, whereas Android updates reach my tablet without any hindrance. Could it be related perhaps to Telegram blocking in Russia? Because local regulator has gone nuts in its relentless attempts to block everything that is not even related to Telegram, using Telegram as an excuse for doing so. Is Malwarebytes able to offer any alternative proxy routes for Russian users perhaps?
  4. After rebooting my computer I still get the message when trying to connect to Malwarebytes server to get the latest update. What trigerrs the message?
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