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  1. No, the files are on my D drive which is a partition, rather than on the main C drive. I have some backup files on a separate hard drive, but nit some of the latest files.
  2. Yes I did not think they could decrypt the file, but as I understood when reading it, I presumed everything that is on the computer is recoverable, but is that only once it is deleted?
  3. I found another file and uploaded it and got this reply. So it looks like suck it and see. This ransomware has no known way of decrypting data at this time.
  4. I have just been looking at a Data Recovery software, Biterecover. It has found all the files that need recovering, but I have asked them with the files be there, or just be blank because they have been overwritten, but they have not confirmed yet.
  5. Sorry Maurice I cannot see that file I have gone to C:\Users\Public but all I get is a short list of Public files. If I look in the Public desktop, I just get a list of what is on my desktop.
  6. I have selested 'show hidden files...................' and clicked ok, but the folder option box has just closed, so how do I find the files to upload? Sorry to be so thick.
  7. Here are the two files Maurice. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  8. Thanks, I have downloaded and scanning at the moment. I do not have a recent backup of all files. The infected files are on a D drive which is a partition, and not on the main C drive. It is mainly photos and videos. If they cannot be retrieved then I may as well delete everything.
  9. I have been infected with Adame Malware. It has overwritten all my files and photos on one drive. All files are now just showing a file ending in .adame. I have run Malwarebytes a couple of times and first it removed about 23 Malware file then the second time, just one. I still cannot access my files. Are they gone for good, or is there a way to reverse the process and retrieve them. I have tried System Restore, but I just get an error 0x80070005 and it will not restore. I have switched off my anti spyware/malware/virus programs, but it still will not restore. Anything else I can try. Not very computer savvy by the way?
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