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  1. Why Malwarebytes 3.0.4 (free version) dose not close completely when i click on the X at the top of GUI ?
  2. Version 2.1.6 runs on my PC much faster then 2.1.8 (i am about speed of opening the GUI) and works better then 2.1.8, i press Deactivate, then run Mbam again and see the Premium verision (not Free)
  3. Again Malwarebytes (2.1.8) when i run - it opened very wide, wider then 2.1.6
  4. Please tell me where i can download version Mbam 2.1.7 ?
  5. I know that, but by default its too small that thing when i update
  6. Here the bugs... http://s4.postimg.org/z4t5gxvb1/2015_03_20_0243.jpg
  7. OzFu, very good suggestion, i also don't want to see the full UI
  8. I think they dont stop support v1.75, this version you can always update definitions and this is good, v1.75 my favourite
  9. SHA42, thanks i know this link and that translation is good but its not official Russian lang_ru.qm file (unfortuntaly)
  10. I know but they told that release will be in January (on the first page at the top of this topic)
  11. "Let us know what you think, we hope to have this released around January." Well, very soon will be February
  12. Maybe you will be interesting of this video of review MBAM
  13. Will be good if the Explorer Context Menu Entry setting - was always enabled by default
  14. Thank you, waiting for Mbam v2.1 and please fix that - GUI become much wider when change the language, especially when i choose russian
  15. When you already correctly translate into the russian lenguage ? for now its not good translate and have too many errors. If you look at version 1.75 - there is very good (it translated perfectly).
  16. Will be very good if MBAM always can delete any threats without reloading computer
  17. I agree, please no smiliey and other childish elements
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