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  1. I can not say for sure since the whole situation has made me paranoid and I am not exactly sure what I am looking for in regards to a rootkit from what appears to be a website that steals government documents.
  2. I thank you for your help thus far. The behavior involving the startup icons was directly linked to the malware so I am skeptical that everything is completely fixed.
  3. Seems like another .dll is being picked up by the anti-rootkit tool RKreport_SCN_12042014_001001222.log
  4. Also, very odd addition: "Desktop" has been removed from my "favorites" tab which used to show the (invisible) shortcuts to "This PC" and my user profile folder is now gone and only under "This PC" now instead of it being standalone.
  5. It is also worth noting that the issue involving a creation of shortcuts to my user folder as well as "this PC" also remain.
  6. The rootkit issue seems to be gone. Did another scan from RogueKiller, and these are the results. RKreport_SCN_12032014_222311.log
  7. Some of these processes look suspicious. Taken when I was disconnected from the internet.
  8. In viewing the logs myself I realize that utorrent appears. I uninstalled that prior to making my account.
  9. To add, it also appears that I have PCU usage that I can not explain wavering between 5-10% higher than what it should be with what programs I see on the task manager.
  10. Hello. Last Night I began experiencing several blocked outbound connections to publicintelligence.net. Later (Roughly 10 minutes) Malwarebytes alterted me that it had features disabled, and settings changed. Among the changes were the removal of rootkit detection, self-defense, and malicious website protection. Now my C drive seems to be filled up with a lot more than it used to be, and whenever I restart my computer there are two icons added consistently to my desktop. Which seem to be shortcuts to my user profile, and "This PC," which I find odd. Mid day I experienced odd mouse behavior, a
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