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  1. Considering he completely restored his laptop to factory settings, wouldn't that wipe out any previous trace of Malwarebytes to be seen? As well, I don't think he can access a computer to give me these logs even if it did stop freezing. We're long distance and his computer is pretty wrecked at the moment with this issue.
  2. Hello all, my name is Felix. The current issue in question is not my own, but my boyfriend's. He can't get online in person to describe his issue, so I plan to do my best in order to help him out. I have very minor knowledge in computers, but have attempted to help him to the best of my ability, each option resulting in failure. He has tried uninstalling and reinstalling the program, scanning with other virus/malware removal tools, going back to a restore point (which failed to even complete), and even restoring his computer to factory settings. The issues all started a few days back, seemin
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