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  1. Mess addressed and solved although I had to do my part as well through instructions given. Kudos and thank you to Robert!
  2. Hi dcollins, Thanks! Seems problem has been solved, don't know why... So this part has been solved, no idea why.... There is still the issue of waiting from Support to solve the problem of my post #5.
  3. I created a ticket with Support. Hopefully they can help me by untangling this mess.
  4. Some additional info to make it more complicated! I just visited mymalwarebytes website and see that instead of 2 lines to write down the license # and ID?, now it just shows 1 line instead of 2 lines, with the ID and license are all just on one line squashed together... Weird.... Don't know if that has anything to do with it? Just a while back someone from Support helped me out with another problem. Hope he didn't change the set up of my account.... As I said, I have 3 seats in one account that was offered some years ago. On the main page of MB3 it says that the updates are curre
  5. Some additional info. Just last Tuesday a tech installed a new desktop with Windows 10 Pro on it and activated Malwarebytes premium. As you can see on my screenshot above, the updates worked for a few days. I have a 3 seat MB account. The old desktop Win 7 is dead and thus out of commission. So I still have just 1 PC. Thanks mbst-grab-results.zip
  6. As you can see the latest database update is shown as yesterday, so no updates today yet? Is that normal? See:
  7. Some years ago there was an offer from Malwarebytes to purchase 3 seats for a certain amount and that is what I then purchased and of course billing occurs once yearly for those 3 seats. Just got an answer back from Robert of Customer Support and says that I still have 3 seats. So all is OK!!
  8. Ticket # 2353637, I had 3 seats Long story. My PC had 2 BSOD's over a week ago so a tech came over a few days later. He fixed the PC and probably did not deactivate MB, but apparently used the second seat of MB and a week later the Avast program update borked my PC and could not get into the PC. So the tech came back 4 days later and fixed it but apparently activated the 3rd seat. All without my knowledge. I have only ONE PC. Prior to this debacle when I accessed MyMalwarebytes account there was only 1 seat showing. The tech was here on June 18 and June 26. The day after the
  9. I have a somewhat similar problem which I reported on May 8. Who knows if MB will fix it. DUH! Here is the link: What you see is what I get on the right hand side. I can see the bell on the right hand site only the half of it (so I may miss some messages if they come up) and the letters are cut off all along on the right hand side as you will see. Also Win 7. Still waiting if something will be done. All worked fine prior to the latest update. I'm NOT a happy camper!! Only in maximized mode will it show fine.
  10. Thank you very much exile360. As it turns out a new hard drive was not necessary as per the technician, only updates to the bios and some other checking stuff was done. He was here for 2 hours.
  11. Thank you exile360. Sorry! What I forgot to mention that the technician will transfer all info from the old hard drive to the new one. Would the answer that you gave me in your reply still be the same or different? I have 3 seats of MB but have only 1 computer.
  12. this coming Monday. I have MB premium (paid) on my PC with Windows 7. What are the procedures that I have to follow to correctly have MB (latest version) on my current (old) HD transferred to the new HD? Please be gentle and precise since I am in my late seventies and developed memory and cognitive impairments. My computer is the only way to communicate with the outside world. Thanks in advance.
  13. Same problem here as numerous others posted about. I just noticed that the last update is shown in the dbupdatelog shows as 2018-06-01T23:48:15Z which was yesterday!!
  14. Thanks all for replying. My DPI settings are shown at 125%. Changing them to 100% is just way too small for me due to my old age. I would appreciate it if Malwarebytes would do something about it since it was MB that caused the problem and am disappointed. You must have changed something at your side in the last update. No hurry as long as it will take but I would like to know that you will change it. I really hate the maximized size of MB.
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