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  1. Hello TwinHeadedEagle I have run the tool as you requested and i have attached the logs. What should i do next? Thanks in Advance Tom Addition.txt FRST.txt
  2. Hi all Over the past week i have been experiencing some annoying AdWare in all of my internet browsers What happens is When i go on any web site except Google within 15 seconds of the page loading the browser enters a redirect loop After about another 30 seconds the redirect loop stops and random music starts playing, and a new tab opens with an ad in it Because of this it is very difficult to do any work online, and as i am a Computer Science student whose work is mostly online and has deadlines to adhere to i can not do my work properly because of this and need to fix it as fast as possible. Things I have Tried scanning with MalwareBytes premium, which did not find anythingrunning ADWCleaner, which detected and removed some items but did not fix the problemscanning AVG Free 2015, which did not find anythingResetting all of my browsers to the default settingsRan ComboFix which did not do anythingRan Hijack This (Log is attached to this post)hijackthis.logRan RKill (Log is attached to this post)Rkill.txtBrowsing in incognito mode I have Also uploaded a video demonstrating what happens here https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=p42yRNLfA9w&feature=youtu.be But now i am fresh out of ideas I am hoping someone here will be able to help me Thanks In Advance Tom
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