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  1. Sorry guys, it was simply a false positive (I'm assuming) that went unreported by Avast b/c it was running in silent mode.
  2. Yesterday, I noticed that I could not launch my VPN program, Faceless.ME (which uses OpenVPN, I think). It went missing from my PC overnight, and was first noticed when my start menu link referenced a deleted executable. I tried downloading the software, but ALAS! I could not download it! Firefox reported the download contains no data. I then proceeded to download the EXE from my phone successfully. I transfered it to my PC and upon trying to launch it, the EXE was gone! YES gone! Additionally, I tried downloading mediaget at http://mediaget.com/download.php and received a blank page on visiting the URL. PC is running Avast. Malwarebytes found nothing. Attached my GMER log: gmr.log
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