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  1. So you want me to add thousands of ips? forget it, I clicked X button for a few hours and it was NOT the same ip.
  2. Hi this is not when I'm playing but when I'm hosting game servers, currently in CSGO(Counter-Strike:Global offensive) There's loads of different software tech and engines and what not that scan for game servers and adding them to the list, and apparently many of them is in malwarebytes database for web blocking. It can also be a player who is trying to join one of my game servers which has an ip which is blocked from the mbam ip database. Thanks for the notification about protection bug.
  3. I'm getting sick and tired of this popup every 3 seconds, which cannot be moved and sits directly in the middle of the screen, also it goes ON TOP of other programs. If you have a game server running this will show every 3-5 seconds and CONTINUE to do that. Can we at least have an option to turn off POPUP ip blocking from the menu, do something smarter like an array with all the ip's in a list/gui instead of 100 million popups. Also what if you could do an option to disable the ip blocking entirely AND choose to ignore its has been disabled without the
  4. Well I started from fresh on my working/gaming pc, and it still persists, so should we rule out the virus thing?.. today mbam eat 14gigs of ram.
  5. Yes, to prove you wrong i even just did a complete reformat of my machine, tell me what to do, mbam is still freezing,locking up and over extending its use of ram.
  6. a new error just popped up right in my face which i have never seen.
  7. Thanks i know what I'm doing(multipler,voltage,regs are all tested for weeks to be 100% stable), and my other PC is normal and same things happens there, this is entirely malwarebytes fault, as soon i uninstall it my pc is stable for days/weeks again. This happen after the latest update of malwarebytes with new ui, i have been running this system for quiet a while now. And i have been using malwarebytes since its very early days in alpha/beta when it came out, I have always given mbam credits for being the best,fatest,cleanest solution if you just want some kind of protection for your PC to a
  8. My computer is not infected, why are you saying theres a possible infection, there's no sign in the logs for that. Random app crash does not make the computer unstable or have issues, its pity drivers and apps. btw. It just crashed. Problemsignatur: Navn på problemhændelse: APPCRASH Programnavn: mbam.exe Programversion: Tidsstempel for program: 55010546 Fejlmodulnavn: MSVCR100.dll Fejlmodulversion: 10.0.40219.325 Tidsstempel for fejlmodul: 4df2be1e Undtagelseskode: 40000015 Undtagelsesforskydning: 0008d6fd OS-version: 6.3.9600.
  9. Ok here you got it. both files ran and 3 logs attached in zip FRST.txt Addition.txt CheckResults.txt
  10. Ohh boy, I'm not the first, i got plenty of friends who's complaining too, and its both my "clients" that got this memory leak+random stubborn crashes from mbam+os, however they are not experts and dont really care they know sooner or later it will get fixed or they will eventually move on to another software... Since "I" depend on my machines to be working so i can earn my living it's uninstalled for now. And yes we are all legit clients of windows 7 to 8.1 + mbam.
  11. I have a "client" pc that i call server which is running my server stuff. So just ignore that, i had to unistall malwarebytes from all my machines, I'm not installing it again until you guys come with some fixes, malwarebytes being more pest than good atm. Sorry.
  12. 4770k@5.1ghz 16gb 2400mhz 2x250gb ssd samsung evo 840 AMD 290x Everything is water cooled. Server 4790k@4.8 32gb 2133mhz 2x ssd 1tb samsung evo 840 OS on both Windows 8.1 x64 with latest updates, tho the server version is running a personally custom slim made version to remove all unsessary services i dont need to have running in the background.
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