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  1. Hello My name is Shaheen. Thank your for your assistance. Also I have already uninstalled bittorrent and then I ran the scan, but here it is again without bittorrent installed. FRST.txt Addition.txt
  2. I think i got infected on Friday 14th. A windows dialogue box appeared to install a genuine looking file, I clicked on OK to install it before Malwarebytes intercepted it. Ever since then it keeps displaying: "Malicious website blocked Domain: IP: Port: 6881 Type: inbound Process: C:\windows\explorer.exe " and "Malicious website blocked Domain: IP: Port: 6881 Type: outbound Process: C:\windows\explorer.exe " I tried the usual scans with Avast Internet Security, Malwarebytes Premium, Windows Defender and System Restore but no luck and nothing found. System is now running slow with something take up a lot of RAM I cant reformat as I have nowhere to backup data. (There is no bit-torrent on the system, it has been uninstalled) (The logs are attached) FRST.txt Addition.txt
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