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  1. Thank you all! sho-dan, not bad... Hvala.
  2. A user on another forum has been complaining that he can't access any page while Website blocking is active. The blocked IP is: That should be his providers DNS (GlobalNET, Bosnia and Herzegovina).
  3. Hi... C:\WINDOWS\system32\kmon.dll (Trojan.Agent) -> No action taken. [38575351343036276156424737485652618490848570782019617678807915697777] http://virscan.org/report/a2e03e00280c55aa...2347c1c06f.html The file belongs to Rising PC Doctor.
  4. Dr.Web is detecting mbam.exe: C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware\mbam.exe - probably infected with BACKDOOR.Trojan
  5. It's just telling you that Control Panel item in Start Menu does not exist. There are infections that disable certain Start menu items - that's why MBAM is detecting that setting. If you did it yourself, just add the entry to Ignore list.
  6. A small problem with the new version... Ignore tab: When an item is ignored, an empty entry gets added. If I try to remove the empty entry, the entry with the path doubles. If I try to remove the entry with a path, the empty entry doubles. It there are, let's say, 5 empty entries and I try to remove the one with a path, I get 10 additional empty lines. Remove All works fine...
  7. That registry value prevents users from changing IE's homepage (settings under Control Panel > Internet Options > General: Homepage grayed out). MBAM simply removed that restriction (unlocked the homepage).
  8. Don't get me wrong - your effort/time for writing the suggestion is appreciated. I'm just thinking out loud - I'm also curious how or why it happened (can't see any reasonable explanation). The user
  9. Maybe... But incorrect shortcut should not cause internal errors in MBAM.
  10. One of the users on MyCity forums has an interesting issue... When he tries to start MBAM using the Desktop shortcut, he gets: Error code: 707 (3). The help file is quite clear about that (reinstall the app), but... The user can start MBAM by double clicking mbam.exe in C:\Program Files\Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware
  11. Updated using internal updater - two minor issues: - language reset to english - option Terminate Internet Explorer during removal changed (unchecked)
  12. @nosirrah: you need to start from the home page: http://www.erightsoft.net/home.html - below Super picture> link Download and use for free - next link (on the new page) > Start Downloading SUPER
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