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  1. Sorry, our posts overlapped. That you for taking another look and creating an exception. What is CP? Russ
  2. Ok, great. But how come I still get the "Malicious Website Blocked" popup and the IP ( is blocked? That's also what my customers are seeing.
  3. I talked to my web hosting company (Bluehost) and they confirmed it does resolve to They ran scans using sucueri.net and other more comprehensive in-house tools and were unable to find any malware. I have built several other websites that resolve to and they do not present the error, only this one site. Can you provide any more information as to what the problem is and/or why you don’t think it’s a false positive? Thank you, Russ
  4. How can that be? All I did was create a new website with WordPress. And I don't see how the website resolves to When I access that IP, I get nothing.
  5. Has this been looked into? Some of my customers are still getting the blocking message. Thanks, Russ
  6. Domain name is hxxp://financialprofessionalwebsites.com
  7. I have a new website at http://financialprofessionalwebsites.com for which some of my prospective clients are reporting the attached "Malicious Website Blocked" popup window. Please fix. It appears to be happening with Firefox, Chrome and IE. They are not experiencing this message on other sites. Please fix. Thank you, Russ Francis
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