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  1. Thanks Steven . Can I confirm that all IPs have been unblocked please? It seems that pcreview.co.uk now works, but other domains on those other IPs I posted are still blocked for me (i.e. my personal domain iancunningham.com and many more)
  2. Cheers Spud, I appreciate the help If it's possible, I'd be interested in knowing (perhaps via PM) what the problem was on the IP before we took it over, in case we need to remove ourselves from any other blacklists.
  3. Thanks for the quick reply Spud! Do you know how long this may take to process please? I'm concerned that if users are coming to our site for tech help and see this notice that they may not come back!
  4. Hello, I run pcreview.co.uk and several other sites. Over the weekend we moved to a new server (on a new IP) and now many of our visitors find that the website is blocked via MBAM. I've done a test install myself to see that it thinks the new IP is blacklisted ( Is there a way to remove this site from the blacklist please? I also get this error when connecting to other sites on the server on the following IPs: Any help would be great, as we run a PC help web
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